What Are the Best Tips for Setting up a Home Office for Two?

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Couples and partners who are setting up a home office for two should take into consideration their space, equipment, and furniture needs. They should also establish a reasonable budget for the development of their home office and carefully consider options for maintaining privacy and encouraging productivity. Other considerations include figuring out how to maximize tax deductions for home office space, deciding on appropriate decor, and maintaining comfortable noise and temperature levels.

People who live together may decide to set up a home office for two due to having limited space in their residence. In most cases, each party will want to have his or her own desk, chair, and computer. It is, however, often possible and appropriate for the two parties to share some home office equipment and electronics, such as computer printers, fax machines, and bookcases. In situations where each party works for a different business, there may need to be some duplication of equipment for privacy and security reasons. For example, if the parties who inhabit a home office for two work for different companies, each person may wish to have his or her own locked file cabinet for storing sensitive documents.


Other considerations include phone and Internet service. In many cases, only one Internet connection will be necessary for a home office for two. The parties may wish to order separate phone lines, however, so that each can conduct telephone business without interruption or delay. Those who work in a home office for two may want to consider purchasing wireless phones as well as laptop computers and a Wi-Fi connection so that, if one party receives a call, he or she can move to another room so as not to disturb the other. Having a portable phone is also important if one party is discussing confidential business information. In some cases, the parties may wish to arrange a schedule for private time in the office so that one party can participate in a conference call or meet with a business guest.

It is important that the parties who will share the office come to agreements about their work environment. For example, some individuals may find it very difficult to function in a cluttered environment, while others may be immune to a messy workspace. Before this becomes an issue of tension between the parties, they should decide on a standard of cleanliness for their mutual workspace. Other things that they should discuss include the temperature at which a room should be kept and the type of lighting with which each is most comfortable.


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