What Are the Best Tips for Sending Cupcakes?

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Few things can brighten a day up faster than receiving a delicious, cheery cupcake. Whether using homemade or store bought treats, sending cupcakes can be a great way to celebrate an occasion, wish someone well, or simply add a little deliciousness to someone else's day. Some things to consider when sending cupcakes include shipping and delivery methods and possible dietary restrictions, as well as flavor choice and customization options.

Shipping and delivery methods are important, as they can ensure that cupcakes arrive fresh, intact, and on time. Shipping cupcakes that are homemade can be particular difficult, as the cupcakes can easily be damaged in transit. One excellent way to ship homemade treats is by baking the cupcakes directly in oven-safe jars, such as small mason jars. The jars can then be lidded and packed in a box with dividers or foam for extra protection. Those sending cupcakes by mail or package services should make sure it is legal to send food through these methods in their area.


Many bakeries and cupcakeries also offer delivery services for their treats, which can be couriered to local recipients, or even shipped to friends or relatives out of delivery range. Delivery can be a great option for a surprise gift, or one that needs to arrive at a certain point during the day. Many bakeries that offer cupcake delivery require a fee based on the distance to the recipient. Some cupcake shops can also arrange complementary deliveries, such as balloons, stuffed animals, or even singing telegrams.

When sending cupcakes, it is very important to ensure that they can be enjoyed by the intended recipient. Try to find out about any food allergies the recipient might have, such as a nut allergy or gluten intolerance. Vegan and vegetarian friends may not be able to eat frosting that include gelatin or cupcakes that include any animal ingredients. Fortunately, many cupcake companies are sensitive to dietary restrictions, and may be able to create vegan, gluten-free, or allergen-free cupcakes on request.

Flavor and customization options are two final issues to consider when sending cupcakes. While most cupcake stores offer basic vanilla or chocolate treats, flavor choice may also include dozens of other frosting and cake combinations, such as coconut, red velvet, and salted caramel. Consider matching cupcake choices to the flavor preferences of the recipient; if these are unknown, consider sending an assortment. Customizations may include marzipan or fondant decorations, lettering, birthday candles, or small toys and figures. With nearly endless options, choosing the flavors and extras when sending cupcakes can be almost as much fun as eating the results.


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