What Are the Best Tips for Selling Mobile Phones?

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Many stores sell mobile phones and, while they are popular, they generally do not sell themselves without a little help. A range of available service plans and carriers can help in selling mobile phones. Educating customers about popular features or designs also will help sell mobile phones by helping customers understand which phone is best for their individual needs. Mobile phones have a variety of accessories, which increase profit margin and may assist in selling mobile phones. Understanding why someone is buying a mobile phone also can help a salesperson sell a mobile phone.

Mobile phones come with three main plans: prepaid, locked and unlocked. With a prepaid plan, customers pay for minutes before using them. Locked plans mean only one carrier can be used with a particular phone model, while unlocked plans allow several carriers to activate a mobile phone. Some customers prefer one carrier over another, while others want the freedom to choose from different carriers. Offering a variety of plans can help sell phones by allowing one to satisfy a variety of customers.


Selling mobile phones to a customer who does not know much about various phones' distinguishing features may be difficult. This means salespeople should be ready to educate the customer. They should be able to tell a customer about the most popular features and designs, as well as the capabilities of each phone. A customer who has such information available when making a purchasing decision will likely feel more secure in making a good choice, which will help sell a cell phone.

There are many accessories for mobile phones, such as keyboards, earbuds, headsets and cases. These accessories are normally sold alongside mobile phones to increase a store’s profit margin but, if pushed correctly, the accessories can become a selling point. For example, if someone likes a phone but is hesitant to buy because he or she is worried about dropping and breaking it, then a protective case may help the sale go through. Stores can benefit from carrying useful accessories to help in selling mobile phones.

When a customer is looking to buy a new phone, it is usually because there is a problem with an old phone. To make selling mobile phones easier, salespeople should ask the customer about any potential problems with the old phone. For example, the old phone may be too slow in accessing the Internet, may not have a keyboard for texting, or may have a design that doesn't appeal to the customer. By getting the customer to discuss likes and dislikes regarding the old phone, salespeople may find it easier to find the right phone for the customer, thereby encouraging the sale of a mobile phone.


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Post 4

@pleonasm - I'd still rather look for my own phone and take the time I need to consider all my options. Something I really dislike is people coming up to me over and over in a store to ask if I need assistance. I know that they work on commission and I just think that always creates a distance between what they really want and what I really want.

Post 3

I've never had to sell phones, but I've sold other items that were a similar kind of purchase and I've noticed that the absolute best thing you can do is be really honest and really focused on getting the customer exactly what they want.

People can always tell when you're trying to sell them something more expensive. Even if you are completely smooth and manage to do it, afterwards they will think back and realize what you were doing.

And people talk. What you want is not to sell to the person in front of you. You want to sell to all the people they will be showing their new phone to, all their relatives and friends, who will hear about the lovely sales employee and how trustworthy they are.

The easiest way to get a good reputation is to deserve a good reputation. And it's rare enough that it can really make a difference to sales.

Post 2

I prefer to purchase mobile phones after doing a considerable amount of research online. I think most people distrust sales people because we know that they make a commission so we have to make sure we are getting the best deal on our own.

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