What Are the Best Tips for Self-Help for Bulimia?

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Bulimia nervosa is a serious, and sometimes life-threatening, eating disorder, and professional treatment is usually recommended. Self-help for bulimia, however, is possible, and many experts recommend starting by keeping a journal. After writing in this journal for a time, an individual will often be able to see what triggers her binging and purging urges. People with bulimia are also encouraged to set up a regular meal schedule, and to dine with positive and supportive people when possible. Avoiding scales and mirrors for a period of time is also sometimes recommended.

Self-help for bulimia often starts with writing in a journal. In this journal, sufferers can write down their emotions and feelings. They should also write down the dates and times that they binge, and what they were feeling. Keeping a journal of this sort can help bulimia sufferers recognize certain triggers that may cause bulimia sufferers to binge eat. One these triggers are recognized, they can often be avoided.

The journal can also double as a food diary. Bulimia sufferers are often encouraged to have a regular eating schedule. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner should be eaten each day. Some people may prefer to eat about six small meals each day instead.


Making healthy food choices, like vegetables and lean meats, is usually recommended as self-help for bulimia. Eating healthy foods will often make an person feel a little less self conscious about her weight. It is also important to avoid dieting and strict calorie counting.

Sharing meals with positive and supportive people is another method of self-help for bulimia. Conversations about food or negative issues should be avoided during these meals. Instead, light and positive conversation can help a bulimia sufferer associate eating with a positive experience.

Self-help for bulimia does not necessarily have to be done alone. Supportive and understanding friends and family can be excellent people to talk to in times of need. When a bulimia sufferer is feeling the urge to binge, she can call a supportive friend as a distraction. A self help support group can also be an excellent source of understanding and compassionate people.

Since bulimia often stems from body-image problems, those trying self-help for bulimia may want to avoid scales or even full-length mirrors. If a bulimia sufferer has a scale, chances are, she will constantly want to weigh herself. This will often only make her feel worse. Full-length mirrors may need to be avoided for the same reason.


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