What are the Best Tips for Running with Flat Feet?

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Running with flat feet can be very painful, and can significantly affect athletic performance. In order to achieve the best results when it comes to running with flat feet, runners are encouraged to start with the right pair of running shoes or insoles. In addition, runners should use proper running technique and stretch after each workout in order to prevent further deterioration. Those who need additional guidance when it comes to learning how to run or stretch properly may want to consider consulting with a physical therapist or physician who is skilled in treating athletic injuries.

One of the most important tips for running with flat feet is that runners should choose a good pair of running shoes that provide arch support. Those who have very flat feet are often encouraged to seek assistance from specialty running stores that hire salespeople skilled in fitting shoes for those with flat feet. In some cases, insoles can be placed inside of running shoes in order to provide additional support. While these insoles can, at times, be found at athletic or even grocery stores, runners with flat feet are typically encouraged to get theirs through a physical therapist, physician, or other health care professional who is experienced in working with runners with flat feet.


In order to achieve optimal results when it comes to running with flat feet, it is also very important that individuals use the correct type of running technique. Runners who suffer from flat feet should be aware of where on the foot they land as they run; a physician or physical therapist can tell you whether fore-foot, mid-foot, or heel-running is best. In addition, runners should be sure to maintain an erect posture during running in order to prevent further complications associated with running with flat feet.

Those who suffer from flat feet should also be sure to stretch after each run. Runners should not only stretch the hamstring, quadriceps, and other muscles commonly stressed during running, but should also stretch the arches of the feet. In order to do this, runners are typically encouraged to sit in a chair with their feet flat on the ground, resting on top of a dishtowel. The runner should then curl his or her toes under, trying to grasp the towel. Once the towel is secured, the runner should flex the foot towards the sky, lifting the towel slightly off the ground. This exercise should be performed with each foot at least 20 times in order to provide the most effective benefits.


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Post 3

I know plenty of people with flat feet. They tell me that the insoles, like mentioned in this article, do wonders for them. Whenever they buy new shoes they buy the insoles, insert them into the shoes and they don't have any pain or discomfort because of their flat feet.

I had no idea that flat feet could cause any serious injuries or pain until recently. I guess every case is different.

Post 2

I have a friend who has had to give up running because of her flat feet. I feel bad for her because running is almost like a religion to her. Her flat feet have caused her to have pain in her hips, and her doctors told her to give up running or risk causing serious damage to her hips.

Post 1

Not only is running with flat feet a challenge, but simply living with flat feet makes life more difficult. I love shoes, but since I have flat feet, finding shoes that I can wear is much more difficult. I guess this might be a blessing since I'm sure I would spend more money on shoes if I could wear everything on the shelves in shoe stores.

Actually, finding a good fitting pair of tennis shoes is much easier for me than finding other types of shoes.

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