What are the Best Tips for Road Cycling?

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There are a few tips that can make road cycling a fun and safe activity for people of all levels of experience. The most important tip is to learn the rules of the road. Another tip for road cycling is to have the essential gear and know how to use it properly. There are tips that can help people learn how to ride their road bikes efficiently as well. Planning and preparing the route also can be an important tip for avoiding road hazards, traffic, or other issues while road cycling.

The best tip that any cyclist can follow is to know the rules of the road in her area. For example, in the United States, riders should typically ride on the right hand side of the road, while they may ride on the left side of the road in other countries. In addition, if there is a large amount of traffic, cyclists may be required to give vehicles the right-of-way in some areas. If bike lanes are available, a valuable tip is to use the bike lane and know how to do so safely. Generally, most road cyclists are required to obey all traffic signs and signals, even if other vehicles are not present.


Another good tip is to own cycling gear that fits well. For example, make sure the bike helmet fits according to the manufacturer’s directions. If the helmet is too large or too small, it may not protect the cyclist’s head if she were to fall. Protective eyewear is also a good idea and must fit securely so it doesn't fall off while speeding downhill or pedaling uphill. If there are windy conditions, protective eyewear can help prevent dust or dirt from causing eye irritations that can be a hazard for a rider.

Although most people assume that road cycling is a self-taught sport, there are several tips that can allow the cyclist to bike efficiently and safely. For example, it is important to learn how to brake suddenly or how to brake for an emergency. This is usually done by quickly pulsating the front brake. A good tip is to practice using the front brake before heading out on the road. In addition, it is important to learn how to ride in a bike pack or group. This is often taught in road cycling clinics.

Another tip for road cycling that will allow cyclists to ride safely is to plan and prepare for the bike route. For example, consider if road construction is present on a given route. In addition, it may be more enjoyable to ride during times and on roads that do not have a high volume of vehicle traffic. Another road cycling tip is to consider whether a dog may be present and unleashed; an angry dog may try to knock a cyclist off of her bike, and it may be best to find an alternate route.


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