What are the Best Tips for Replacing a Hot Tub Pump?

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A hot tub pump will normally start to cause problems after two or three years of service. It is not that difficult to see the signs that the pump is about to fail. Various leaks and malfunctions are among the indications that a pump needs to be changed, although replacing the whole system is preferable to merely changing individual parts. The old hot tub pump also needs to be removed and viewed in order to make sure the new pump is an exact match.

Hot tub pump failure is not something that occurs overnight. Tips on knowing when the existing pump has almost reached the end of its useful life include a humming noise that may stop the motor turning. If a whining noise is very apparent, there is a high possibility that the pump’s bearings could be badly worn. Broken pump seals will lead to noticeable leaks around the pump and puddles of water lying on the floor.

Individual components of the hot tub pump could be purchased separately as each one develops problems. If the pump is several years old, it is better to replace the entire unit. Continuing to replace the parts could prove to be more costly; as the pump ages, moreover, it becomes less reliable.


When removing the old pump, it is a good idea to check it for measurements to make sure a match can be found. The spa’s access panel should be taken out once the electricity supply has been turned off. Spas with valves installed on the side of the pump should be closed prior to the pump’s removal. Spas with no valves should be drained.

There will be bare copper bonding wire coming out of the pump’s terminal located on the floor. This needs to be disconnected before the pump’s two unions are unscrewed. Do not be alarmed as a small amount of water drains out. The mounting screws should then be taken from the base bracket of the pump. It is now possible to remove the pump, although its power cable has not yet been detached from the control system.

This cable can be used for the new hot tub pump if in working condition. Its cable clamp screws need to be loosened before the cable can be removed. If the wire ends are frayed, they should be cleaned up. Snip off unwanted parts of the wires and restrip them. The majority of pumps will have two speeds and four wires: green, white, red, and black. The green wire will be the ground.

Again, remember to switch off the power supply before installing the new hot tub pump. A cable connector clamp needs to be installed while a wiring plug should be removed from the new pump motor. This motor will also have a wiring access cover which needs to be taken out. The new pump should have a diagram outlining were the wires are to be reconnected. Once this is followed, return the access cover to its initial position and tighten the clamp.


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