What are the Best Tips for Remodeling a Bathtub?

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Remodeling a bathtub is generally a better option than buying a new one. To fix chips and cracks, first sandpaper the area before adding a mixture of hardener and catalyst with an applicator brush. A tub can also be remodeled by applying a new finish. Clean the tub with acetone cleaner before sanding and applying a bonding agent. Complete the job by adding finishing paint after the bonding agent has dried.

Remodeling a bathtub is an easier and less expensive process than replacing it altogether. Making a bathtub look brand new could add value to a home. There are two main options for remodeling a bathtub: repair or refurbish. Both options can be carried out in a single day.

When a bathtub is chipped, buy a porcelain repair kit if the tub is made from this material. A mixing container, hardener, and sandpaper are some of the items contained in this kit. It is also possible to purchase kits with the catalyst and hardener already mixed together.

Wear goggles, knee pads, and gloves while repairing the bathtub. Locate the chips or cracks and use sandpaper to smooth the area around them. Make sure that all loose chips are vacuumed or swept up.


Mix the catalyst and hardener together with the spoon that should come with the kit. There should also be instructions which suggest the correct ratio of hardener to catalyst. Use an applicator brush to apply the mixture to the cracks. The mixture should then be allowed to dry.

Another method of remodeling a bathtub is by placing a new finish on it. Once again, wear protective clothing and make sure all windows are open. If the bathroom has no windows, turn on the ventilation.

Thoroughly clean the tube with acetone. Use either sandpaper or a sander on the entire bathtub. Clean up all particles and debris created by the sanding process. Apply the acetone cleaner once more and buy a refinishing kit for the tub. This should contain sandpaper, paint, and a bonding agent.

If there is any area that does not need finishing, cover with strong tape. Use several coats of the bonding agent on the tub before leaving to dry for a few hours. Those in a hurry may elect to use a hair dryer. Apply numerous coats of finishing paint and allow to dry. This should complete the process of remodeling a bathtub.


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