What are the Best Tips for Reading with Dyslexia?

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There are many tips that may help a person who has dyslexia. Among the best tips are those that involve relaxing and avoiding reading when one is already feeling stressed, using tools to avoid distraction, and choosing engaging reading material. Also among the best reading tips for dyslexia are those that involve listening to an audio version of the book while reading or choosing reading material in large print. Additionally, rewards may prove helpful as motivation to read despite the frustrations dyslexia can cause.

One of the best tips for reading with dyslexia is to relax while doing it. Many things are more difficult to do in an atmosphere of stress and anxiety, and reading with dyslexia is no exception. To avoid becoming overwhelmed quickly, a person may do well to choose times when he can relax and read in a quiet atmosphere. If listening to music helps the person relax and won’t be distracting, that may help as well.

An individual may also use tools to block out distractions while reading with dyslexia. For example, a person may use a white card or piece of paper to block out the words he is not reading. Limiting his line of vision to only the words he is currently reading may help a dyslexic person focus on the current content and avoid becoming distracted and overwhelmed. Some people may also find it helpful to track the words with a finger as they read them.


Choosing the right material may also prove important in reading with dyslexia. If a person chooses emotional reading material that captures his interest, he is less likely to become bored and distracted while reading it. Essentially, choosing interesting material helps a person have the motivation to continue reading despite difficulties.

Some of the best tips for reading with dyslexia also involve choosing books that are available in large print or as audio versions. An individual with dyslexia may find it easier to read if he does not have to squint at small words. Likewise, listening to the audio version of a book while he reads it may help him have an easier time recognizing the words and absorbing their meanings.

Rewards may also prove helpful for a person who has dyslexia. An individual may reward himself with a special treat for finishing a book, for example. Likewise, a teacher or parent may provide a small reward for a child who has persevered through a particularly difficult reading challenge.


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