What Are the Best Tips for Purchasing a Vintage Turntable?

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The first tip for purchasing a vintage turntable or record player is to set a budget and decide where to shop — frugal-minded shoppers, for instance, might consider purchasing a turntable from a yard sale, which may make it more affordable. Other tips to consider include purchasing a brand name vintage turntable to ensure quality. In addition, shoppers should check the turntable’s condition to determine whether or not it needs repairs. Finally, checking on the guarantee and paying attention to how forthcoming the seller is with information are generally good tips.

A good tip when purchasing a vintage turntable is to shop for a brand name. Brand names typically mean higher quality and a better company reputation. The reputation often is based on years of production, higher quality materials, and a long-lasting motor. Many name brands have additional features that are lacking in non-name brand turntables as well.


Before purchasing a vintage turntable, it usually is a good idea to set a budget and stick with it through the entire process. A turntable can range in price from relatively inexpensive to very expensive. The cost of the turntable itself may be the main expense, but other expenses, such as repairs and restoration, should also be considered. It is important to remember that some sellers will be more expensive than others as well. One good tip to help someone find the least expensive turntable is to frequently browse at thrift stores, yard sales, flea markets, and Internet barter sites.

If a turntable needs repairs, it's a good idea to find out how much those repairs or replacement parts will cost before making the purchase. Some models have many parts available and can be repaired for minimal cost. Other models are rare and are more expensive to repair. In addition, replacement parts may be difficult to find, which can increase the cost. If the buyer knows her costs upfront, she can make an informed decision as to whether or not she wants to buy that particular vintage turntable.

The condition of the vintage turntable should be disclosed by the seller. Any seller that does not want to discuss the condition with a potential buyer or who will not send clear photographs of the turntable to the buyer should be viewed with caution. The buyer should be able to know whether the turntable is in pristine condition or it needs to be repaired.

Finally, a good tip is to find a seller who offers a money-back guarantee. With this type of agreement, the buyer will be able to see that all the parts work and work well. If she is not pleased, she can always ask for her money back and continue the search for another turntable.


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