What are the Best Tips for Potty Training Girls?

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Potty training girls generally requires a great deal of encouragement, enthusiasm, and most of all, patience. Parents should consider purchasing a potty chair to make learning easier and more comfortable for toddlers. Keeping several picture books on-hand so kids have something to entertain themselves while they are waiting for something to happen on the potty can be helpful as well. It is also a good idea to teach girls healthy bathroom habits early on, including the front-to-back wiping technique as well as hand washing, to prevent infection or illness. Overall, setting the stage for success at the start of the process will generally make potty training girls easier.

Some children wish to use the regular toilet instead of the smaller child-sized potty, mostly because they want to mimic mommy. In this case, a potty chair that fits over the regular toilet seat can be used for comfort. When toddlers are training to use the toilet, it is a good idea to keep a small stool in the bathroom. It helps make the toilet more accessible, especially when little ones are in a hurry.

From the very beginning, encouragement and support is important. At first, it may be difficult for girls to recognize the urge to use the bathroom until it is too late. Even after a few victories, accidents are bound to happen. When they do, try to keep toddlers from becoming discouraged. The good news is that potty training girls is usually easier than teaching boys.


Once girls get the hang of using the potty, try switching from diapers to panties, at least during the day. Nighttime mishaps are quite common, though, even in the later stages of potty training girls. For this reason, it may be a good idea to use training pants that toddlers can put on or take off by themselves. If they do have an accident, training pants are absorbent, just like diapers, so clean up is generally quick and easy.

Parents also should try to avoid giving their toddlers too much to drink before bed. In addition, scheduling time each evening to devote to potty training girls can help them get a more restful night sleep and a dry night. Girls will usually wake up in the morning with a strong urgency to use the restroom, though, so parents should be available to assist their little ones bright and early when they call for help and need to use the potty.


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This may be a bit off topic, however it affects many families. We have a four year old with autism we are trying to potty train and a soon to be 3 year old with ADHD who isn’t trained yet. They both disrobe and play in their diapers.

We actually invented some special needs autism clothing that helps the situation. It is an escape proof pajama called The Wonder Jumper and it is a romper/sleeper that zips in the back. Thanks a lot!

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