What Are the Best Tips for Pore Control?

M. Chambers

Controlling the size of pores can be difficult, especially when dealing with pores on the face. Those who suffer from acne are more prone to developing large, unsightly pores, but there are several things individuals can do to clean, minimize, and tighten them. Exfoliating, cleansing, and tightening the skin on the face are all good ways to keep up with pore control. There are also several inexpensive items that can be found at home which can be used to naturally shrink pores on the skin.

Using a sauna may be beneficial for pores.
Using a sauna may be beneficial for pores.

Pores become enlarged when sebum rises to the epidermis and clogs the pores. Dirt, oil, and dead skin cells can also gather inside them, and make them appear larger and dirtier. The best way to prevent this is to keep the skin cleansed and free of excess oil. Allowing oil and dirt to build up and clog the pores will allow them to enlarge and become more noticeable. Those with oily skin should cleanse at least once a day to remove unwanted buildup, and even those with dry skin should use a gentle cleanser regularly.

Using an exfoliant can help clean out pores.
Using an exfoliant can help clean out pores.

Exfoliating dead skin cells can also be beneficial for pore control. When the face accumulates dead skin and dirt, it settles in the pores. Exfoliating regularly can help eliminate this problem, but it is important that you do not exfoliate too often as it can irritate and dry out the skin. It is recommended that individuals exfoliate once or twice a week with a gentle exfoliator for best results. In addition to a store-bought exfoliator, sugar and coffee grounds can be used to naturally exfoliate the face.

Sweating is a good way for the skin to release unwanted toxins and dirt that accumulates in the pores. Sitting in a sauna or a hot bath can help the skin get rid of the toxins that may contribute to the formation of enlarged pores. Rinsing the face with cold water can also help shrink pores after they have been opened up. Cucumber juice or potato pulp can also be applied to the face and used to even out the skin tone. Both cucumbers and potatoes will naturally shrink enlarged pores and are commonly used as a natural regimen for pore control.

Applying apple cider vinegar to the face is a good way to tone the skin. Vinegar naturally tightens the skin, which is ideal for those who suffer from enlarged pores and acne. Crushed almonds mixed with water can also be applied to the skin and will help improve the its elasticity and firmness, which in turn will also shrink pores. There are also many pore control products that can be purchased to help rid the skin of toxins and shrink pores on the face.

Sitting in a hot bath can help people's pores.
Sitting in a hot bath can help people's pores.

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