What are the Best Tips for Planting Citrus Trees?

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The best tips for planting citrus trees likely include twice weekly watering during the first year of growth, planting in sunny locations, and avoiding outdoor planting in areas where temperatures drop below 22 F (-5.5 C) in the winter. If citrus trees are planted indoors in pots, they should generally be kept in areas that receive lots of sunlight. Many people also use slow-release fertilizers in the soil before planting citrus trees to help their trees get a stronger, healthier start. Slow-release fertilizers are different from other types of fertilizers because they don't normally need to be applied regularly, and the fertilizer will in most cases continue to feed the tree for several months. Citrus trees don't always require pruning, but it may be a good idea to prune trees with areas of weak growth.

People who want to plant citrus trees should consider their location first. Citrus trees generally do not do well in areas that get very cold in the winter. As a rule of thumb, most garden experts advise planting citrus trees outside in areas that do not experience temperatures that drop very far below freezing. People who live in areas that get lots of cold weather may be able to successfully grow citrus trees indoors in pots. It is typically considered best to place citrus trees in areas of the home with lots of light, such as a sunroom or in front of large, uncovered windows facing south.


Citrus trees that are planted outside should generally be placed in areas that receive lots of sunlight. Young trees require regular watering during the first year of growth, which is typically the most rapid growing period for citrus trees. Deep waterings twice a week are normally preferable for young citrus trees, but it may not be necessary to water that frequently during weeks with heavy rainfall. After the first year of growth, most citrus trees can get by with just one deep watering every week, provided there is no rainfall.

Fertilizer may also be very beneficial when planting citrus trees. Many people incorporate slow-release fertilizers designed for citrus trees into the soil before putting their citrus trees in the ground. Citrus trees that receive fertilizer during their first year of growth often grow to be larger and may produce more fruit than trees that were not fertilized. If a slow-release fertilizer is not used initially, regular applications of fertilizer about once per month should produce similar results. Pruning is not always necessary, but it may benefit citrus trees if weak, unhealthy branches are removed on a regular basis.


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