What Are the Best Tips for Planning a Dukan Diet Breakfast?

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Planning the appropriate dukan diet breakfast depends primarily on which phase of the diet a person is in. The diet consists of four phases, the first one being the most restrictive, with each subsequent phase adding additional foods to a person’s daily menu. A good tip for individuals planning a dukan diet breakfast is to let go of typical notions of what foods are best for breakfast and allow themselves to try different variations.

The dukan diet is high in protein and very low in fat and carbohydrates. It consists of four levels, or phases, namely, attack, cruise, consolidation, and finally, stabilization. Foods allowed during each phase differ, and a person’s breakfast options change accordingly.

Most people find the attack phase to be the most challenging. At this level, a person’s food list is limited to approximately 68 types of protein. Many people enjoy fruits or cereals for breakfast, which are not permitted during the attack phase. With a little ingenuity, however, breakfast can still be enjoyable and diverse.


When planning a breakfast at the attack level, a person might consider combining several different types of permitted proteins. For instance, instead of plain eggs, consider creating an omelet using eggs, ham, and cottage cheese. Additionally, individuals don’t have to be limited to traditional breakfast foods. As an example, there is no rule anywhere indicating that chicken cannot be eaten for breakfast, so a person might consider adding a lean, boneless chicken breast to the breakfast menu, perhaps adding a dollop of low-fat cream cheese and chives melted on top.

Spices are always permitted, and a person can enhance a dukan diet breakfast by cracking open the spice cabinet and adding something a little more robust than salt and pepper. For instance, individuals might try adding cinnamon and nutmeg to cottage cheese or giving their omelets an Italian flare with a pinch of oregano and basil. Dukan dieters shouldn't be afraid to experiment; the dukan plan allows dieters to eat all that they want, so if a person stumbles upon a combination that just doesn’t satisfy, he or she can simply try again.

In the stabilization phase of the plan, 32 types of vegetables are introduced, and the days are alternated between all protein days and days that include both protein and vegetables. While it might seem odd to consider eating vegetables in the morning, it could add a lot of variety to a dukan diet breakfast. Aside from a variety of vegetable omelets, a person might consider a breakfast salad, made with mixed greens, cottage cheese, and diced ham. A tomato sliced and spread with low-fat cream cheese and spices and sprinkled with the permitted amount of oat bran can make an excellent breakfast pizza. Again, the key is for a person to step outside the preconceived breakfast box and consider other options and combinations.

During the consolidation phase, the dukan menu becomes more permissive, allowing for limited amounts of fruits, starchy vegetables, and whole grain bread. In addition, a person gets two celebration meals a week, during which he or she can eat whatever he or she wants under certain conditions. When planning a dukan diet breakfast, people might consider using one celebration meal as a breakfast meal so that they can enjoy all the breakfast favorites they have been missing. In addition, an individual might consider incorporating a slice of whole wheat toast or a serving of fruit into the breakfast menu a few times a week to stave off breakfast boredom.

The stabilization phase has no food restrictions, except that a person must dedicate one day a week to eating protein only, in which case, previous breakfast ideas can be used. In addition, there are many recipes available on the Internet and through various blogs and forums that provide numerous ideas for preparing a dukan diet breakfast and other meals. These sources also contain various support networks and advice to keep a person on track for this often challenging diet plan.


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