What are the Best Tips for Parasite Control?

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A person can practice parasite control by preventing the ingestion and the spread of microbes. This is accomplished through simple measures such as washing hands frequently, particularly before eating; cooking meat until it is fully done; and using bleach water to clean surfaces in the kitchen and bathroom. Parasite control also involves never using toilet paper to serve as a facial tissue, covering one's mouth when sneezing or coughing, adding herbs that are natural antimicrobials to the diet and following an herbal parasite management program on a regular basis. People who have a compromised immune system are also urged to sterilize dairy products, including those that have already been pasteurized.

When hand-washing is not possible for any reason, a hand sanitizer can temporarily substitute for soap and water. This does not mean, however, that hand sanitizers should completely take the place of washing the hands. All meats, especially pork, should be thoroughly cooked, because rare and medium rare meats can and often do carry parasites that can cause serious health problems that can even be fatal. Wiping down kitchen counter surfaces while cooking, especially when cooking meats, is very valuable for parasite control. The same can be said about using a little bleach if dishes are washed by hand and about using bleach water to clean bathroom fixtures.


Dairy products, particularly those that are purchased in chain grocery stores, can put a person at risk for contracting parasites. Cancer patients, people who have the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and others who have weakened immunity might want to consider boiling or cooking dairy products. Milk could be boiled, all cheeses could be cooked, and yogurt could be homemade from boiled or sterilized milk. Cheese such as cottage cheese, which cannot be thoroughly sterilized even when cooked, because of the curds, would be avoided altogether.

Raw garlic is one of many natural antimicrobials used in parasite control. Cooked garlic, however, does not help to control parasites like the raw herb does. Garlic can be consumed with foods such as spaghetti, eaten in dip for chips or chewed alone once or twice per week as a kind of a maintenance program. A parasite cleanse and management program also can be achieved by taking other herbs known to be invaluable in parasite control. Freshly ground cloves and black walnut tincture are among the natural substances that, unlike chemical antibiotics, can be taken on a regular basis for parasite control.


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