What are the Best Tips for Moving a Hot Tub?

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Moving a hot tub requires the assistance of several people and can be dangerous if not performed correctly. Any cords connected to the tub should be removed first, and the tub should always be dry. A group of people should then turn the tub on its side and place each corner on planks of wood. It will also be necessary to utilize furniture dollies to transport the tub. Once the tub has been brought to its destination, it should be gently lowered to avoid damage.

Regardless of whether a hot tub is connected to gas or electric, it must be unplugged from these lines. This will probably result in a host of cords dangling which should then be wrapped into the wooden enclosure. Failure to do this could result in someone tripping over them and receiving an injury. The motor should also be firmly secured

When moving a hot tub, always ensure that it has been completely drained and is totally dry. This also means that the drain cap should be tightened. Then turn the hot tub on its side, thereby making it easier to move. Several people will generally be required to successfully complete this step.

Before moving a hot tub, lift one corner and place a sheet of sturdy timber underneath. The same thing needs to be done at the other side of the hot tub. At this point, an equal number of people should be at both sides.


Furniture dollies are used by professional moving companies and generally consist of a flat piece of wooden board or metal frame with carpet material on the surface to prevent furniture from getting scratched. Two dollies are required for easily moving a hot tub. A furniture dolly should be placed underneath each end. The timber underneath the board makes it easy to slide the dollies in. Ensure that the straps on each furniture dolly are secure, and start transporting the hot tub.

Once the hot tub has been moved to its destination, remove the dollies from underneath one at a time. This is a crucial stage of moving a hot tub. The tub must be lowered to the ground slowly and steadily. If the tub is dropped to the ground too fast, it could crack or shatter.

Each person should grab one corner of the hot tub and lower it to the ground. It is a good idea to keep a sheet of timber underneath each corner of the tub as it is getting turned back to its usual horizontal position. Once the hot tub has been successfully put into position, remove each sheet of timber one at a time by lifting each corner of the tub.


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