What Are the Best Tips for Marketing Pest Control?

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Marketing pest control businesses can be tough, because customers may be in denial about needing pest control service, and many people do not think of the service as essential. One way of marketing pest control businesses is to make customers aware of how often homes and businesses have pests and the damage they can cause. Potential clients may be worried about the cost of pest control services, so the business owner may want to run a sale to help convince such people to buy. Sending out postcard and email advertisements also can help pest control businesses. Making a pest control website, especially one optimized for local searches, also can help get customers.

One of the major problems with running a pest control service is that, unless customers are hit with an infestation, many people will be in denial and won't believe they need the service. If the owner creates an article or announcement about how common it can be to have a pest problem, the damage pests can cause and other aspects about pest control, then this can help educate customers. When customers understand the real threat of pests, they may be more willing to use the service.


Even if customers are educated, they may be worried about the price of pest control service. Another way of marketing pest control is by running a sale. This can be done via business cards, in the newspaper, announced on the radio or TV, or through other types of media. While it is not required, making a pest control discount time-sensitive can increase sales, because customers will not want to pay the full price for the pest control services if it can be avoided by going ahead and signing up while the sale is on-going.

Many new and established businesses, through a variety of niches, send out email and postcard advertisements, and a pest control business can do the same thing. When the owner is marketing pest control through this method, it usually is best to add a discount on the postcard or email, and to include educational messages. Sending these to local homes and businesses is usually best, because most pest control businesses are local services, but they can be sent out to a wider area if the business can handle the response.

A website can be used to help in marketing pest control, because many people use the Internet to find businesses. This website should have a few articles explaining the business’s services, prices, why pest control is needed, and any other information the owner thinks customers may find interesting on the topic. As with postcards and emails, optimizing the website for local searches is usually best. The owner can do this by writing a local keyword in his or her content.


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I agree with anon360051. There are some companies that use harmful chemicals to help you get rid of pest and on the other side, there are some companies that use eco-friendly chemical solutions that do not harm anyone -- not even pets in your house.

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Local pest control companies offer a more personal, customized approach to pest control, which is particularly important in sensitive environments with children and pets.

Contact a local pest control company to learn more about local pest control.

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