What are the Best Tips for Male Hygiene?

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Good male hygiene begins with a clean body. This may require a man to increase the number of showers that he takes and to put effort into cleaning his feet. It is also important for men to make sure their clothes are clean. Dental hygiene is also important and can be maintained if flossing and bi-annual cleanings become a matter of habit.

There are several male hygiene mistakes that should be avoided because not only are they ineffective, but they also may make situations worse. To begin with, a man who has not bathed should not try to mask his odor with body spray, deodorant or cologne. A man who has not brushed his teeth may be surprised to find out that gum and breath mints are not substitutes for a toothbrush and toothpaste. Also, men should avoid trying to use fabric sprays as alternatives to washing their clothes.

Good male hygiene habits begin with regular showering. Although this may sound like common sense, some men seem to define “regular” as a longer period than it really is. For some, soap and water are reserved for occasions when they feel dirty. Unfortunately, whether or not a man feels unclean, if he has gone a day without soap and water, there is almost certainly a need for bathing. Some men, depending upon their bodies and their activities, need to shower or bathe twice per day.


When considering male hygiene, it is important not to overlook the mouth. Keeping a healthy mouth requires more than a man brushing his teeth in the morning. It is a good idea to brush after every meal, but at a minimum, this should be done at least twice per day. Men also need to be committed to flossing regularly and having their teeth cleaned every six months. Furthermore, if any bad breath issues arise that cannot be handled with normal commercial teeth cleaning products, the assistance of a dentist should be sought immediately.

Dirty clothes on a clean body are not a good combination. For the sake of good male hygiene, men need to wash their clothes regularly. Underclothes should generally be worn only once. Other apparel can usually be worn twice before it is cleaned.

Another area of male hygiene that is often neglected is controlling and preventing foot odor. Some men have foul odors protruding from their feet and shoes. This may come from the fact that men often fail to actually wash and scrub their feet and to clean between the toes. Instead, they incorrectly assume that the water and soap that drains from other parts of the body do the job. Men with foot odor problems should invest in products such as foot sprays and powders, which can eliminate the smell and reduce sweating.


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