What Are the Best Tips for Making Sirloin Patties?

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Sirloin patties are an ideal choice for a good juicy hamburger, a menu item almost anyone can enjoy. Patties in the grocery store may be labeled as beef, sirloin, or chuck patties. Similarly, ground beef may be labeled as sirloin, chuck, or simply beef with a lean to fat ratio included. Sirloin patties are essentially comprised of ground cuts of beef with less fat than chuck. If the fat content is important, read and compare the labels.

Depending on the desired outcome, sirloin patties can be prepared to be eaten on a bun, on sourdough bread, or without any bread at all. When preparing patties to make hamburgers, keep in mind that different condiments add different flavors, which is part of what makes a burger so versatile. Still, a good burger begins with a good patty.

To cook sirloin patties, opt for grilling or frying. Grilling reduces the grease and fat content, but can dry the meat out if overcooked. Frying is not as healthy an option, but frying patties on a griddle where the grease can spread out or drain away helps reduce fat. Use seasonings such as salt, pepper, garlic, or onion powder to flavor the meat. Prepared meat seasonings are an option, but often custom seasoning blends work best. If additional condiments and toppings are to be used, such as bacon, sliced or chopped onion, mustard and so on, use only seasonings that will complement the combined flavors.


Some people prefer to eat sirloin patties without bread. If this is the case, a marinade such as steak sauce, barbeque sauce, or vinegar and spices may be desired to seal in juices and add flavor. Grilling over open flame is the preferred method of cooking a patty similar to a steak. Be sure to follow food safety guidelines for preparation and cook meat to the proper temperature and desired doneness, but avoid overcooking.

If using ground sirloin to make patties, consider adding chopped onion, pepper, or garlic as preferred for taste. During preparation, avoid kneading the meat excessively. Whether frying or grilling, do not flip the patties any more than is necessary to achieve doneness. Excessive pressing and flipping dries the meat out and reduces tenderness. To check for doneness, poke lightly with a fork and cook just until juices run clear or use a meat thermometer.

Experiment with different blends of flavors to accompany sirloin patties. Examples of creative toppings include smoked Gouda and provolone cheeses with bacon, mushrooms and Swiss cheese, or guacamole and pepper jack cheese. Of course, properly cooked and seasoned patties are always good with traditional toppings and condiments as well. Serve as a sandwich or simply meat accompanied by steamed vegetables, potato wedges, or other sides of choice.


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