What Are the Best Tips for Making Money with Google Adsense™?

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Following tried-and-true Google Adsense™ tips can help improve a person's chances of making money through the program. Among the most important tips are those that recommend following the rules of the program and testing different ads and placements. Also important are tips that recommend performing research to find keyword phrases for which Internet users frequently search. Additionally, some of the best tips for making money with Google Adsense™ involve providing quality content.

One of the most important tips for making money with Google Adsense™ is to follow the rules of the program. Google has a strict set of rules that govern how a person can make money through the program. Often, however, people hear of tips and tricks for encouraging website visitors to click on their ads. In the event that these tips and tricks violate Google’s policies for the program, the party who used them may face permanent account closure. In addition, any money he earned before his account was closed may be lost.


Testing out different types of ads and ad placements are helpful tips for making money with Google Adsense™ as well. An individual can make money by placing any type of Google Adsense™ ad on a website. At the same time, however, it is possible to place ads and make no money at all. To maximize income potential, a person may do well to experiment with various types of ads, such as text ads versus image ads, and use them in different ad placement positions. After testing for a reasonable amount of time, an individual should have an idea of which ads and placement choices will translate into the highest amount of earnings for him.

Another good tip for making money with Google Adsense™ involves keyword research. Choosing the right keyword phrases is critical for drawing people to a website or blog and ensuring that many of the visitors will be interested in the related Google ads. Many experts recommend keywords that have a high number of searches, which means more people will be looking for sites that include the search term. Competition is important as well, however. The more sites that are using the keyword and ranking high in the search engines, the harder it may be to get traffic using that keyword.

Quality content is also important. An individual may attempt to churn out content as quickly as possible in order to have pages on which to place his Google Adsense™ ads. If the writing is poor, however, or doesn’t provide valuable information, it is unlikely to rank high in the search results. Without good search engine placement, visitors won’t be able to find the website and click on the person’s ads. Additionally, any visitors who do find the site are more likely to leave without reading much of the content or clicking the advertisements.


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