What Are the Best Tips for Making Money on the Internet?

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Making money on the Internet may sound like a scam, but some people are able to successfully focus their talents to make a living doing nothing else. Whether trying to supplement income with a few extra paychecks, or hoping to promote the next billion dollar product, making money on the Internet may be the way to go in the modern world. In order to get started in this fascinating area of small business, it is important to do some basic research, create a business plan, and put in the time to create a quality website that attracts traffic efficiently.

If the words “SEO” or “PayPerClick” are simply gibberish, it may be a good idea to do some research on Internet business before trying to make money on the Internet. Websites can generally only make money if they attract lots of visitors, and there are many strategies out there that help website owners optimize their web pages to attract the most visitors. A simple Internet search can turn up dozens of “how-to” pages that will explain the basics of website building and marketing. Bookstores are another good source of basic informative guides that can help make an Internet career profitable faster.


An Internet business is still a business, and all business ventures require business plans or goals. If building a blog, a business plan might include an outline of what the blog will be about, where and how it will be advertised, and what options, such as on-site advertising, will be used to generate income. People who plan to do freelance writing on the Internet might want to set careful goals, such as how many articles a week they will write, or how much they need to make per hour to meet income goals. Creating a business plan and goals will not only help with initial organization, but can provide motivation and a clear strategy for each step. Never forget that making money on the Internet is still a business and a job, even if it is one that can be done while in pajamas.

Some experts suggest that one of the best strategies for making money on the Internet is to pick one idea and funnel energy into it. If a person wants to try and earn money by buying a certain type of stuffed toy at garage sales and re-selling it on auction sites, they may want to avoid re-selling furniture or writing a blog at the same time. Focusing on one project at a time allows the owner to keep a close eye on it, make improvements, and get it to the point where it is generating a steady income. Once one project is successful, then it may be possible to add new Internet projects into the workload, working toward a money-making empire online.

Take advantage of personal interests, skills, and talents. Knitters and woodcarvers should rejoice in the fact that the Internet makes it possible for “hobbies” to be turned into income-generating businesses. Since blogs and how-to guides can also create money through advertising, its also possible to turn a passion like gardening or floral arrangement into a business without having to create tangible merchandise. Making money on the Internet allows people with all sorts of interests to indulge in them while still making money, instead of being trapped behind a desk while dreaming of fly-fishing. Though Internet businesses can take time, practice, and quite a lot of work to become profitable, some people find great satisfaction in finally turning their favorite hobbies into their jobs.


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One of the best ways I found to make money is by using profit scanning apps for smartphones. I currently use Profit Bandit (available for Android phones).

All you do is scan some items and it immediately tells you how much profit you can make if you sell it on Amazon. It also lets you list the item directly from the program. Simple and functional.

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