What Are the Best Tips for Making Money Blogging?

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There are money-making opportunities for webmasters that create blogs. The best tips for making money blogging is to sell advertising space, joining affiliate programs, soliciting contributions, marketing services, and improving customer relations. These methods of making money can be standalone, or can be combined.

If the blog has a healthy amount of visitors, then monetizing the website by selling advertising space can be a viable option. By enrolling into an advertising program, the webmaster can make money blogging by having relevant ads sprinkled onto blog posts. Money is made when a person clicks on one of the ads. Income may come in slow, but is a viable way of receiving residual income for as long as the site is live.

Affiliate programs allow webmasters to advertise a physical or digital product for website visitors to purchase. The webmaster will get a commission when a sale is made. This method of making money blogging will not only require a healthy amount of traffic, but will also require an audience that trusts the webmaster. If going through with this monetizing route, the webmaster will have to make sure to select an affiliate program that is relevant to blog’s niche to maintain stead sale conversions.


Another tip for making money blogging is to simply ask visitors to contribute financially. The webmaster should have a page informing the readers that the site is run by contributions. Make sure to have a “Donate” button, allowing for easy monetary contributions. This is a viable way of making money blogging, especially if the blog focuses on a business or financial niche. A blog that offers sound, venerable advice will facilitate trust among regular readers, facilitating loyalty.

If the webmaster has a certain skill set, then he or she can offer services on the blog. For example, a person that is a freelance writer can create a blog offering editorial services. Simply showcasing a skill set and offering contact information for business opportunities is a viable way of making money while maintaining a blog.

A blog does not have to concentrate on new business ventures. Personal blogs can also deepen relations with current customers or clients. For example, if a blogger has a brick-and-mortar job, he or she can create a website where he or she will be able to virtually interact with clients. This can facilitate a trust between business owners and customers, which can translate to higher profits.


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