What Are the Best Tips for Making DIY Kitchen Cupboards?

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When attempting do-it-yourself projects, such as DIY kitchen cupboards, it's a good idea to enlist the help of a cabinet retailer. Retailers may offer planning ideas and provide accurate measurements, often for a nominal fee. For those who plan on taking measurements themselves, it's important to be precise, as the smallest error can cause problems when installing cabinets. When installing DIY kitchen cupboards, the bottom cabinets should be installed last. Use great care not to damage walls and structures.

Most importantly, the task of installing DIY kitchen cupboards should not be rushed. One should allow a few weeks to devote to this DIY project, and not allow children or pets to interrupt the work or to have access to the work area and tools. For safety purposes, it's a good idea to rope off the area.

Before planning a DIY design, gathering the best materials for the job is a must. The handyman should be aware of all materials that are needed, and if necessary, refer to DIY resources such as guide books and online tutorials. Although the correct lumber is needed for the project, choosing the hardware is an equally important task. Door handles and cabinet hinges can add style to the cabinets but must also be durable and sturdy, so choose wisely.


Choosing custom dimensions for DIY kitchen cupboards does not have to be a challenge. It's important to consider storage needs. Small kitchen cabinets will accommodate basic storage needs, although deep cabinets work best for storing large pots and pans. If there is ample counter space available, the DIY kitchen cupboards do not need to be very large and deep.

When removing the old kitchen cupboards, gently scrape off old caulk and be careful not to damage the walls. If the DIY kitchen cupboards came pre-assembled, it's a good idea to detach the drawers. Doing so before installation will make the cupboards less bulky and easier to install. Before installing DIY kitchen cupboards, it's essential to find the wall studs.

If a major appliance is to be fitted into a cupboard, there needs to be sufficient room for ventilation. If installing DIY kitchen cupboards to fit appliances such as microwaves, do not forget to have an electrical outlet installed beforehand. The outlet should be installed directly above the cabinet that will hold the microwave. Installing a turntable, often referred to as a Lazy Susan, in a kitchen cupboard can be convenient for holding a small appliance such as an electric can opener.


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Post 2

This is not exactly DIY, but if you look around online, especially on Craigslist, you can find people that are giving away free kitchen cabinets or selling them for very cheap.

This can be a great alternative to buying or making kitchen cabinets for people who want a change on a budget.

Post 1

I was able to make kitchen cupboards by scavenging a bunch of milk crates and then zip tying them together. I was able to make a big grid of empty boxes that I could put just about anything into.

The hardest part was mounting the structure to the wall but once I found the studs it was really not that hard. Now I have functional, eye catching and almost totally free kitchen cabinets that work as well as any I have ever used.

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