What Are the Best Tips for Making DIY Cards?

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Making do-it-yourself (DIY) cards can be a fun way to personalize business cards, invitations, and greeting cards for all kinds of occasions. Great art skills and expensive supplies aren't necessary to make DIY cards; it can even be a fun activity for an entire family. To make DIY cards, simply choose paper that fits the occasion, and draw or print images and text to help get the message across.

Using pretty paper can be a great way to make simple DIY cards. Visit a stationer's shop or art supply store and check out the single-sheet paper section. Craft papers come in a variety of colors, textures, and finishes. Some beautiful varieties even have flower petals or glitter embedded in the paper. Create an elegant card by taking a single piece of flower-filled paper and trimming the edges with scissors. A card this lovely doesn't require drawing ability; simply write whatever message is desired inside in the best handwriting possible.


When writing inside DIY cards, it's easy for handwriting to end up slanted or cramped. Lining up a ruler against the center or edge of the card can help create a straight line that can serve as a guide for handwriting. If the card's paper is thin, ink over the lines on a sheet of college ruled paper, then use it as a guide underneath the card. Consider buying a good, flowing pen for writing messages inside cards, or even learning some calligraphy to create an elegant script.

Computers can be extremely helpful when creating business cards or multiple cards, such as wedding invitations. Not only do most word processing programs have access to hundreds of different fonts, many programs have a wide variety of templates that can be used to create formal cards for business or events. Some templates, such as those designed for DIY business cards, can even be matched with pre-cut card stock to create uniform cards without wasting paper.

Creating DIY wedding invitations can be a fantastic way to save money in a wedding budget for other items. Though DIY cards may not be able to achieve the look of embossed cards or handwritten calligraphy, they can nonetheless be modified to create beautiful, unique, and fun wedding invitations. For classic wedding invitations, choose a thick, creamy paper and use high-quality black ink. Consider adding a simple black and white design, such as a bride and groom silhouette, for an artistic touch. Eco-conscious wedding parties can create invitations using recycled paper, while high-tech couples may want to use advanced imaging software to create a beautiful collage of photos and graphic design around their text.


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