What Are the Best Tips for Making a Puff Pastry Strudel?

Tiffany Manley

Puff pastry strudel is generally known for its light flaky crust and variety of fillings. Many find it somewhat difficult to make, since achieving the correct pastry texture is sometimes hard. Keeping ingredients cold during preparation, handling the dough minimally, and allowing enough time for it to rest are all important parts of making puff pastry strudel. Alternatively, pre made pastry might be purchased. Filling usually consists of a variety of ingredients such as cinnamon, fruit, or cream cheese and should be placed inside the strudel only after the dough is fully prepared.


One of the most important things a person can do when making homemade dough for puff pastry strudel is to use cold ingredients. This mainly applies to the butter and liquid ingredients in the recipe, although some people prefer to also chill any mixing bowls and utensils that might be used. When the ingredients are kept cold, the butter retains its shape until baked. Once baking has started, the butter melts, thereby releasing steam that puffs the dough. In addition to chilling ingredients, minimal handling helps ensure they are not warmed by the heat of hands.

Puff pastry strudel is a dish that generally takes a bit of time to prepare because of the need to rest the dough when preparing from scratch. It is folded and rolled several times, so the dough must rest to allow the gluten to relax. This generally makes shaping and rolling much easier as it is more elastic from the resting period. If this process is rushed, it is possible that the puff pastry strudel will collapse during baking.

It is not always necessary for dough to be made from scratch, as there are a number of products that are available for purchase at many retail outlets. The pre made varieties are generally of good quality and can easily be used to prepare puff pastry strudel. Checking package directions will help ensure it is ready prior to adding filling and baking.

A number of different fillings might be used in this dish and each creates a slightly different taste. Since it will be baked inside the dough the filling should be stable enough to withstand the heat of an oven. Many people prepare it while the rest of the ingredients are resting. Once everything is fully rested, the dish can be filled, sealed, and baked. To achieve a shiny finish, some people prefer to brush it with a mixture of egg whites and water.

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