What are the Best Tips for Living Room Furniture Arrangement?

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When furniture in a room is arranged well, it can make the room appear larger, more comfortable, and more welcoming to people who walk into it. The living room is one of the most commonly used rooms in a house, and good living room furniture arrangement is a big consideration; one of the best tips is to buy furniture and decor deliberately, to ensure that the room does not appear overstuffed and cluttered. When planning living room furniture arrangement, consider the focal points of the room, and center the room around those.

Focal points are some of the most important things to consider when planning living room furniture arrangement. These are the areas of the room toward which the furniture will face, and what it will be arranged around. In many people's living rooms, especially if the room is a type of media room or family room, the television becomes the focal point of the room. A fireplace can also make a good focal point, as could a large window, or even just a large, colorful piece of art that provides visual interest. A living room could even have two focal points; the television, for example, as well as a fireplace area for conversation rather than TV watching.


Once the focal point has been determined, it becomes easier to plan living room furniture arrangement. Pieces of furniture are typically arranged around the focal point in a U-shape. Keeping the furniture in a U-shape allows everyone sitting on the furniture to view the focal point, and also makes conversation easier. People can look forward or at each other without needing to turn too much, and it gives the room a more carefully planned look. Of course, it will be necessary to consider other types of living room furniture than just the seating area.

A coffee table can be a great addition to a room, but it can also make smaller rooms look cluttered. End tables on either side of a couch can be a good place to put table lamps or other pieces of decor. A bookcase or bookcases along the walls can make a room feel warm and welcoming, and can be a good place for decor as well as books. Be sure that it is still easy to navigate the room after the furniture is arranged, and try not to group all the large pieces together; spread them out and mix in smaller pieces around the room.


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Post 2

Our first apartment had a very small living room, so furniture arrangement was a challenge. I ended up selling my full size couch in favor of a two seat sofa, and we found two smaller lounge chairs that matched the new sofa's upholstery. We had to make sure the lounge chairs didn't recline too far into the traffic area between the front door and the dining room.

Now that we have a home of our own, we have upgraded to traditional living room furniture. I asked a friend who is a professional interior decorator to suggest living room furniture arrangement ideas and he agreed with the article. It was important to break up the furniture according to purpose.

If conversation was the main idea, then a small arrangement where everyone could see each other was ideal. If people were going to focus on a TV screen, then everything needed to be at a comfortable angle and more tables would be helpful.

Post 1

When I started buying furniture for our living room, I took a measuring tape with me to the furniture store. I already had an idea of what kind of furniture I needed, like a long couch, two lounge chairs, two side tables and a coffee table, but I needed to make sure I had enough free space for all of them. I planned on arranging them so everyone could watch my big screen TV comfortably but could still talk to each other. It wasn't the usual straight line approach. I angled the chairs so they would face the TV without guests having to strain their necks.

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