What Are the Best Tips for Learning OpenGL®?

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Anyone learning OpenGL® should consider a background in programming and the use of graphic programs to develop an understanding of certain concepts. Much of the work performed in OpenGL® is done through the use of “calls” that require the same type of programming as that used in the creation of computer code. Many of the products created through this platform are similar to those that can be made through various graphics programs, and experience with such software can make learning OpenGL® easier. There are a number of different classes and seminars that can be used to help someone learn this platform, as well as numerous tutorials and guides available online and in books.

An understanding of languages, such as C++, to create computer code used in programming can make it easier for someone learning OpenGL®. Many of the “calls” found in an OpenGL® application are created through code and syntax similar to that used in programming. Someone with a background in general programming may find it easier to then undertake learning OpenGL® since he or she does not have to study code creation while also learning about one particular application.


Experience in the use of different graphics programs can also make the process of learning OpenGL® easier for someone. There are a number of basic concepts that are often similar between graphics programs and applications. These include the ways in which objects are created through vertices and lines that make polygons, the applications of different texture maps, and how lighting affects objects in a scene. Such concepts can be learned as someone is also learning OpenGL®. It may be easier, however, for a person who already understands the ideas behind them to then apply these concepts to a new application, rather than learning everything at once.

As someone is learning OpenGL®, he or she should also consider the different resources available to him or her. People with sufficient backgrounds in programming and computer graphics may be able to teach themselves to use this application, though that can be difficult. It is often best for someone to attend courses or seminars in learning OpenGL® to ensure greater understanding and to gain certification for employment. There are also a number of books and online tutorials that people can use to help them better understand different aspects of OpenGL®, which should be considered additional resources to enhance their training.


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