What Are the Best Tips for Learning French as a Second Language?

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People interested in learning French as a second language should do all they can to immerse themselves in French language and culture. This is often done in a classroom setting, as the structured lessons and exposure to others learning the language can be helpful. There are also a number of other programs that can be utilized to learn French, and other foreign languages, including computer software and books that provide numerous lessons. It can also be helpful for someone learning French to live among other French speakers, such as in France or parts of Canada.

The process of learning French as a second language can be difficult for many people, but there are some things students can do to make the process as easy as possible. Immersion in the French language is often one of the best ways to learn French. This means that anyone learning French as a second language should try to listen to music with French lyrics, watch television shows and movies in French, and even read books written in French. Movies are often an excellent way for someone learning French to immerse himself or herself, since many movies can be watched with French audio with subtitles in another language to make comprehension easier.


People learning French as a second language should consider taking classes to help them. Learning any second language is typically quite difficult, and French is no exception. French teachers can make the process easier by answering questions and exposing students to French language in speech and writing. These teachers also typically understand how to make learning French as a second language as easy as possible through properly structuring lessons to cover different aspects of French in a certain order.

There are also a number of ways in which people can learn French as a second language without the assistance of a teacher in a classroom. Numerous books and software programs have been developed to help people learn French. The best of these resources usually include an audio component, either as computer software or on a compact disc (CD), to expose a learner to spoken French as well as printed text. Anyone learning French as a second language should also consider living in an area where French is spoken, to further immerse himself or herself in the language and Francophone culture.


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