What are the Best Tips for Lawn Mower Storage?

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The best tips for lawn mower storage typically include making sure the fuel is topped off, changing the oil and filter before storage, and removing the battery. In addition to these tips, a lawn mower should be cleaned thoroughly before being stored. Lawn mowers should also be stored in areas that are safe from the effects of the weather. Some people cover their lawn mowers with tarps just to help ensure their mowers will be safe from rain, dirt, and other typical problems related to outdoor storage. These methods of lawn mower storage tend to be most useful for long-term storage, such as during the winter.

Lawn mower storage during the spring and summer when the mower is likely being used on a regular basis does not typically require as much care. During the spring, most people store their mowers in covered areas safe from the weather, but they may not take the time to keep fuel topped off, change oil and filters, or remove their lawn mower batteries. It is a good idea to clean a lawn mower regularly, both inside and out, during the spring and summer months. Cleaning a lawn mower at least once after each use might help prevent some mechanical problems from occurring. In addition to cleanings after each use, there should be one last thorough cleaning done before the lawn mower is put away for the winter.


Making sure that a lawn mower is full of fuel before putting it away for the winter should help to prevent excess moisture from building up inside the fuel tank during the winter months. This moisture can be problematic because it could cause the inside of the tank to rust. Having a new oil filter and fresh, clean oil in the lawn mower engine might additionally ensure that the engine runs smoothly after being dormant for such a long time. In addition to lawn mower storage, lawn mower battery storage is also important during the winter. The battery should be taken out of the lawn mower and placed in an area that is dry and temperature-controlled so that starting the lawn mower up will be simpler when it is time to use it again.

Lawn mowers should not typically be put away for the winter without being thoroughly cleaned first. The engine should be wiped down of all dust and debris, and the blades should be freed of any large clumps of grass. A garden hose may be useful for clearing all excess grass clippings off of a lawn mower before storage. The spark plugs should be removed from the lawn mower before a garden hose is used to clean it off to prevent any damage to the spark plugs, which could make it difficult to start a mower back up in the spring.


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I use to keep my lawn mower in my attached garage, but I often found that I could smell fuel fumes when it was in there. I also have an outdoor shed, so I moved my mower to it. I think this is a much safer place to store a lawn mower, especially for long periods of time.

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Not only does topping off the fuel in a lawn mower prevent rust from developing in the tank during storage over the long winter months, but it also helps to keep the tank from freezing and possibly even cracking. This is a possibility in very cold climates, so topping off the tank is an easy way to prevent serious damage to a lawn mower.

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