What Are the Best Tips for Kitchen Remodels?

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One of the best tips for successful kitchen remodels is to take the time to do thoughtful planning and preparation. All of the possible options that fit into the remodeling budget should first be considered before being ruled out. Preparing an alternate plan for meals and cooking before the renovation begins as well as making a project time line can help minimize the inconvenience factor of a kitchen remodel. It's much better to choose an attractively updated rather than too-trendy look for kitchen remodels so the renovation won't become dated within a short time.

Tasteful kitchen updates that are likely to still be stylish years later can add value to a home. Keeping the remodeled kitchen's style within the main overall look of the house such as modern, traditional or farmhouse can also add to a home's worth and future sale value. Choosing an ultra-modern, vessel sink with a cutaway style and lit-up tap for a rustic farmhouse kitchen, on the other hand, works against the home's style rather than for it and is likely to be a remodeling disaster.

The kitchen's size should be a main consideration when planning a remodel. For instance, if the homeowner would like an island, but adding one would just create too cramped of a space, then either a different idea or knocking out a wall should be considered instead. The new design should work with each room's unique layout and assets.


While a tasteful color the homeowner loves can definitely be incorporated in a kitchen renovation, it should be used carefully rather than allowed to be overpowering. Neutral colors can be much longer lasting style-wise in kitchen remodels and trendy colors can always be used for wall color instead. Paint is relatively inexpensive and easy to change, while expensive tiling is something that is meant to last for years.

Kitchen remodeling costs should be compared with their return on investment as to how much homeowners will be able to enjoy them as well as the added value they're likely to bring to the home's worth. Contractors' estimates should always be received in writing, and homeowners should try to get signed contracts complete with time lines for completion dates. Otherwise, kitchen remodels may drag on much longer than expected with an added cost factor as well. Homeowners should also plan on how they will cope with meals during the kitchen remodel.


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