What are the Best Tips for Installing do-It-Yourself Inground Pools?

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Installing do-it-yourself inground pools can be difficult and may require some contracted work, although going it alone is typically more cost effective than hiring a professional installer. While the installation of inground pool kits can vary by manufacturer, there are some universal tips for getting the job done. Some of the best tips for installing do-it-yourself inground pools are researching different kits, picking a suitable site, subcontracting the excavating and cement work, and gathering friends and family members to help with the project.

There are dozens of companies that provide kits for installing do-it-yourself inground pools. Before deciding on one, it’s important to do plenty of research on each company, and to choose a kit that will provide a quality product. Selecting a good site for an inground pool is also important. Most homeowners prefer their pool to be located far enough away from the house to make room for landscaping or a deck, yet close enough to the house that it is out of site of the neighbors. Unlike an above ground pool, an inground pool obviously can’t be moved once installed; therefore it’s important to pick the best site for both the yard and family needs.


The installation can usually be handled by someone with general construction skills, although certain parts of the job should be subcontracted out to a professional for the best finished product. The two most common jobs that are contracted out are the excavation work and the cement work. Unless the homeowner is skilled at running an excavator, digging the hole for the pool and doing the finish grading around it is better done by a professional with the proper equipment. Pouring cement into the pool before installing the liner is also usually best left to a seasoned contractor. This will ensure that the pool shell is smooth and to the proper thickness.

When getting ready to install an do-it-yourself inground pool, enlisting the help of family and friends can make the project go a lot faster. "Bribing" them with swimming privileges once the pool is complete is one way to accomplish this, although some helpers may participate out of the kindness of their heart. Installing do-it-yourself inground pools require assembling the walls as level as possible, which is best done with at least two sets of hands, three sets of eyes, and a good level. Putting up the pool liner, which would usually take one person at least a day to do, can be done in only a few hours with the assistance of one or two helpers.

Installing do-it-yourself inground pools can be time consuming and difficult. If done correctly, however, do-it-yourself inground pools can be just as beautiful and functional as professionally installed ones. Following the instructions provided with the kit could result in a finished product that is exactly what the homeowner wants.


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