What are the Best Tips for Installing a Sink Cabinet?

Carol Francois

A sink cabinet is a very useful addition to any bathroom. The cabinet transforms the wasted space beneath the sink into additional storage space. When installing a sink cabinet, there are four things to consider: type of sink, compatible cabinet, costs, and level of difficulty. All four items have a direct impact on the success of this type of project.

An over mount bathroom sink sits inside a counter top or sink cabinet.
An over mount bathroom sink sits inside a counter top or sink cabinet.

There are two types of sinks: over mount and stand-alone. An over mount bathroom sink sits inside a counter top or sink cabinet. This type of sink comes in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and styles. A stand-alone sink has a base that is secured to the floor to provide stability. Sink cabinets are designed for use with over mount bathroom sinks.

There are a wide range of cabinet sizes, styles, and designs available to meet your needs. To find a compatible cabinet, measure the diameter of the sink cutout, the space required for the backsplash and the depth of the countertop. The width of the cabinet is based on the width of the sink.

When looking at sink shapes and styles, look underneath. Take note of the way the hardware is arranged, as this has an impact on the style of sink cabinet that you can select. Make sure that there is enough room for the full depth of any sink cabinet drawers and ensure the access to the main water tap is kept clear.

The cost of a sink cabinet range from $50 to $500 US Dollars (USD). Look at the different styles and designs for ideas. Always inspect the inside of the cabinet to ensure there is enough storage space available.

To determine the level of difficulty with a sink cabinet installation, look at the size of the countertop, and count the number of drawers. The more drawers, the harder the project. A simple cabinet with open space is easiest to install. Fancy cabinets with several drawers are more complex and time consuming to install.

When installing the cabinet, the first step is to remove the old sink. Disconnect the water, drain, and remove the taps. Pull the sink up and set it aside.

Once the sink is out of the way, begin assembling the sink cabinet. When the base is completed, move it into the bathroom, directly below where the sink will sit. Secure the cabinet to the floor and the wall. Make sure to center the cabinet.

Take the time to check the installation with a carpenter's level. This tool is used to make sure that the surface is flat and perfectly level. To adjust the height of the cabinet, add or remove material from the top of the cabinet, where the sink will sit. This type of adjustment is invisible when the sink is reinstalled.

Install the sink into the cabinet and reattach the water. Check the drawers and other functions of the cabinet to make sure they all work as expected. Secure the sink to the cabinet and test.

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