What Are the Best Tips for Increasing Hotel Customer Loyalty?

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Building hotel customer loyalty takes strategy and hard work. A well-equipped staff of hard-working employees will help. Hotel management is an important factor, as well. Striving to be a better than the competitors by offering special rates for return customers can also increase hotel customer loyalty. Listening to the customers' complaints and fulfilling their requests can result in increased business and loyalty.

Another good strategy is to provide customer surveys to collect information from loyal customers. This tells hotel management what customers find satisfactory and what needs improvement. Feedback helps hotel management deliver better customer service, and in turn, increases customer loyalty. Customer suggestions and concerns should be personally addressed by hotel management.

Although many hotels offer customer loyalty rewards, learning which programs work best is essential in managing customer loyalty. Improving upon existing programs and offering benefits that are more enticing than those of the competitors is an effective way of increasing hotel customer loyalty. Giving the customers what they pay for and the satisfaction of knowing they have received their money's worth, is another rule to follow. This means providing the best possible deals in the hospitality industry, as well as providing that personal touch.


Frequent travelers look for hotels that offer more than incentives and bonuses. Cleanliness, comfort, and hospitality should be top priority, and making a customer's stay uncomplicated is also a must. Customers demand good service without hassle and complication. This means ensuring rooms are not only well kept and immaculate, but well stocked with necessities. Hotel customers should not have to ask for service, they should be given it upon arrival.

Hotels should also offer discounts to commemorate special dates, such as anniversaries. Customers feel special when they are remembered on their special day, and this, in turn, promotes hotel customer loyalty. Offering options, such as a special rate or an extra amenity, can be another way to increase customer loyalty.

Maintaining hotel customer loyalty can be accomplished by offering a discounted price when an error has been made. Errors in scheduling can happen in the hotel business, but not all customers are forgiving. To make up for inaccuracies and minor mistakes, offering more than an apology may be necessary. Much like supermarkets that offer an item for free when it scans at a mistakenly higher price, a hotel can offer a guest compensation for inconvenience. This concept is more than simple courtesy, it can promote customer loyalty.


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Post 3

I understand the concept of customer loyalty in the abstract, but how do businesses really track and measure it? Are there actual customer loyalty statistics that they keep somewhere? What kind of goals do they set for themselves?

Post 2

One of the more popular recent customer loyalty concepts the hotel industry has tried is to offer points for every one of your stays. After a certain number of points is accumulated you get a free stay or an upgrade or some other bonus.

This is similar to the frequent flyer customer loyalty scheme used by the airline industry. The jury is still out on whether or not it will apply as well to the hotel industry, but the cost to the business is minimal regardless. Many of the loyalty agreements are structured so that bonus nights can not be redeemed on peak weekends or holidays. The bonuses gets cashed in when the hotel already has vacant rooms to spare.

Post 1

As a frequent hotel customer I think the best way to increase loyalty is to provide a consistent experience. The quality of the rooms should be the same along with the quality of the service and the price.

One bad experience can completely spoil a customers perception of a business. I know that there are hotel chains I stayed in more than a dozen times and after having a bad experience have never been back to. Consistency is a big goal to strive for but if you hope to inspire repeat customers it is mandatory.

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