What Are the Best Tips for Improving Kindergarten Literacy?

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Children in kindergarten are typically eager to learn but often have short attention spans, which can make it difficult to teach literacy. Of course, literacy development is crucial for their success in subsequent grades, so giving up on kindergarten literacy is not usually an option. Instead, parents and teachers alike are encouraged to use fun literacy teaching techniques to keep the attention of young children. The use of educational toys and computer software is helpful, but there are other choices for those who do not wish to spend money while teaching literacy. For example, games that involve using household objects to teach can make this a free or inexpensive endeavor, as can developing a regular habit of reading to the child.

Parents often buy their children toys, whether for birthdays, holidays or as a reward, so they might consider buying educational items that help with literacy development. For example, there are some board games that award players points for creating words, and there are computer games that work similarly. There are also talking stuffed animals on the market that encourage children to sing the alphabet with them. Such items often help with kindergarten literacy because kids may not even realize they are learning while they have fun singing along or playing board games.


Teachers and parents may not always have the money to constantly purchase new toys to use in teaching kindergarten literacy. For this reason, some may prefer games that use household products to help kids learn to read and write. For example, cutting letters out of sandpaper to form a child's name allows him to trace the rough texture with his finger, encouraging him to focus on each letter that makes up his name. Using finger paint or dry spaghetti to form words can offer the same advantage. In addition, parents or teachers can write a letter on a small sticky note and have the child place notes on objects in the house or classroom that also start with that letter.

Another kindergarten literacy activity that is inexpensive is simply reading regularly. Many kids enjoy a bedtime story every night, but parents and teachers also can read to them throughout the day. To maximize this kindergarten literacy tool, adults are encouraged to stop often and discuss the subject of the book or the images on the page. Reading poetry is also helpful, because it often makes it easy to point out rhyming words or those that begin with the same letter. These kindergarten literacy activities are usually inexpensive and easy to incorporate into the daily routine.


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