What Are the Best Tips for Holding a Breast Cancer Fundraiser?

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A breast cancer fundraiser can be a good way to raise funds to support research, or to help a specific person cover medical and other expenses while undergoing treatment. The best tips for holding a breast cancer fundraiser include making it fun for participants, publicizing the event to garner interest, and collecting the money in an organized manner. Fundraisers held for a specific person should include the recipient in some way to help potential donors relate better to the cause.

Making a breast cancer fundraiser fun for the participants increases the likelihood that they will follow through with the fundraising. Some of the most successful fundraisers are those that combine exercise with the goal of raising money, such as long-distance walks, dance-a-thons, or triathlons. Live auctions are also entertaining for everyone involved. Participants can auction off their own belongings, or even their time. For example, a particularly good cook may auction off a week’s worth of dinners.


Even the most entertaining breast cancer fundraiser cannot go far if no one knows about it, so publicizing the event is a must. If the budget allows, a newspaper advertisement or television commercial on a local station are good ways to create interest. Contacting local news reporters and asking to do an interview for the nightly news program is also a good way to let people know about the event and the cause. Organizers can ask students in marketing or communications programs at a local college to help write a press release and come up with some marketing ideas.

Collecting the money in an organized manner is important to a breast cancer fundraiser, especially if the money is coming from many different sources. In large events with many participants, identical collection envelopes should be issues and collected all at the same time to avoid confusion. If possible, funds should be deposited into an account specifically for the fundraiser, or at least kept separately from the organizer’s personal money.

If the breast cancer fundraiser is for a specific person, including that person in the event is a good way to help potential donators relate to the cause. Member of the community, school, or other organizations in which the person is involved are often more likely to donate when they know exactly who their money is going to help. If the intended recipient is not comfortable being included, or does not know about the fundraiser, information can be vague, such as saying money will be going towards a local mom, or a coworker dealing with breast cancer.


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