What Are the Best Tips for Grilling Porterhouse Steaks?

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When grilling Porterhouse steaks, there are a few tips that can aid in adding flavor to the beef as well as providing additional juiciness to the cut for proper grilling. Some tips range from properly preparing the grill to determining doneness of the steak. Other tips for grilling Porterhouse steaks include methods of seasoning the meat and suggestions for bringing the juices back to the steak after cooking. Other tips for grilling Porterhouse steaks include preparing the meat for the grill and properly adjusting the heat in a grill to allow for optimal grilling conditions.

A tip to prevent the meat drying out when grilling Porterhouse steaks is to use a marinade that will give additional juice to the meat and allow it to cook moistly. A simple marinade of olive oil, garlic and lime juice will add flavor and provide the extra liquid to avoid drying the meat out while it cooks. Another tip when creating a marinade is to use an acid, such as vinegar or citrus, to aid in the dissolution of the connective tissue in the steaks. This will help the steak to become tender and make the meat much easier to cut and chew.


Other tips for grilling Porterhouse steaks include bringing the steak up to room temperature before cooking and properly preparing the grill to receive the steaks. By resting the steaks on the counter top for about an hour before placing them on the grill, the steaks will begin the cooking process at the same temperature. This tip helps different-sized steaks cook evenly and avoids burning some steaks while others remain undercooked. While the steaks are coming up to temperature, the grill can be started and the grill grates can be wire-brushed to remove any residual food particles from a previous grilling session. Once hot, the grill should be oiled with a piece of beef fat run over the hot grill or with a towel soaked in vegetable oil and held with barbecue tongs.

Grilling Porterhouse steaks to the proper doneness can best be accomplished by placing the steaks on the heated grill and turning them one-quarter turn every 30 seconds in order to place nice grill marks on the meat. Once turned, continue grilling Porterhouse steaks until small drops of blood appear on the top side of the steaks. In order to finish grilling Porterhouse steaks, flip the steaks over and cook until done using a touch test to determine doneness. If the meat gives no resistance when touched, it is very rare; slight resistance and springing back signals medium; and very firm is a sign that the steak is well-done.


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