What Are the Best Tips for Getting an IFRS Certification?

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IFRS certification is often a certificate from a third-party accounting organization that indicates an individual is especially knowledgeable in IFRS. The best tips for getting IFRS certification include getting an accounting degree with an IFRS emphasis, finding an accounting organization that offers IFRS certification, and selecting certification for a specific area in IFRS. Not all certifications are the same, especially as IFRS is still somewhat new in certain countries and other applications. Individuals may also not have the requisite background it takes to get this certification, so that may also be a hindrance in some cases. The country where an accountant lives may also make it difficult for an individual to get certification if it is not available at the present time.

Most accounting certifications require a certain amount of accounting education in order to qualify. An individual most likely needs a four-year accounting degree, though a two-year degree may qualify in some cases. Individuals should contact the organizations that issue IFRS certification in order to learn which degree meets the requirements for the certificate or license. Additionally, the degree content can also play an important role in preparing an individual for IFRS certification. While content that centers on IFRS is best, other content areas may also help in preparing an individual for the certification exam.


Not all accounting organizations may offer IFRS certification, whether domestic or international. The International Accounting Standards Board — the agency responsible for IFRS creation and governance — may offer recommendations for IFRS certification. The American Institute for Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) — the agency that governs the CPA license — does offer certification for IFRS purposes. An individual seeking certification may start with the AICPA and find other reputable organizations that offer certification. Other nonprofessional certifications may also be available, though these are often less prestigious than official certification.

Like any set of national accounting standards, IFRS is a large and wide-ranging set of guidelines. Therefore, IFRS certification may have a specific focus on content areas, such as inventory, revenue recognition, or others. An individual seeking this certification may select a focus that suits his or her background in IFRS. This allows for the individual to tailor a career in one or more areas of IFRS accounting. Other times, the certification may be entirely general, similar to the CPA degree; this provides the best opportunity for an individual to break into the IFRS accounting industry.


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