What Are the Best Tips for Garage Remodeling?

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Garage remodeling or garage makeover jobs can be extensive projects, so a homeowner should consider whether he wants to pursue a do-it-yourself project or enlist professional help. If the individual decides to do the work himself, he will need to have plans drawn up before beginning. He should also consider coatings, organizers, and various materials that will be needed, and estimate the cost. If the garage remodeling will be done professionally, it's best to get several estimates.

The task of garage remodeling may involve installing new flooring, building cabinets and shelves, and creating storage organizing systems. Generally, garage remodeling projects are meant to optimize storage space and improve organization so tools and other items are easily accessible. Some garage remodeling jobs include expanding the space with a garage addition.

A garage makeover can be costly, so it is advisable to do some comparative shopping for supplies and materials. If garage remodeling will be done through a contractor, free estimates are generally available. In this case, it's best to get everything in writing, including costs of materials and labor. This way, there will be no surprises and hidden costs later.


If remodeling a garage floor, the homeowner must choose the type of tiles to be used, as well as coatings. Along with a sleek and glossy appearance, a remodeled garage floor will need to provide adequate traction. The flooring should be made with materials that can withstand extreme temperature fluctuation, depending upon location and climate. Modular, interlocking tiles are a good idea for do-it-yourself projects, as these are generally easier to install than other types of tile.

For those who do a lot of home repair work and have tools to store, a built-in work station may be a good idea. Garage remodeling can include creating an entire fitted garage to coordinate with the overall design of the garage. Storage cabinets and shelves can be fitted, and a tool bench can be added for functionality. Mobile work benches can include convenient castor wheels.

Limited storage space doesn't necessarily have to mean limited options. A ceiling storage system can be a great way to utilize the minimal space of a small garage. This do-it-yourself project can be accomplished with manuals available at many home project centers. Overhead garage storage racks can provide storage solutions when remodeling most any garage.


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