What are the Best Tips for Firewall Installation?

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In general, firewall installation is a fairly simple process that requires little effort beyond what is required for installation of any program. There are a few tips, however, that can make the process easier and help someone avoid any complications that may be involved with installing a firewall program. Only one firewall should be installed on a computer, so any previous firewalls used should be uninstalled or turned off depending on the nature of the program. Once the firewall installation is complete, then the firewall should be tested to ensure it is properly protecting the computer on which it is installed.

Firewall installation is the process of installing a firewall software program onto a computer. A firewall is a program that helps protect a computer by controlling the types of information that can be sent by a computer and the sorts of programs and websites that can access that computer. While firewall installation itself is a fairly easy process, there are a few guidelines that can make it easier and ensure full security while the installation takes place.


Prior to firewall installation, anyone looking to download a new firewall should be sure that the program is reliable and being downloaded from a reputable website. Malicious software can be disguised as protective software in order to have someone install it onto his or her computer. Once a reputable program is downloaded, then the computer should be disconnected from the Internet prior to firewall installation. This is because the computer will not be protected for a short period.

Only one firewall program should be installed on any computer at a given time, so once the new program is downloaded, or before running a firewall installation from a disc, and after the computer is disconnected from the Internet, then the existing firewall on a computer should be removed. If the firewall on a computer is part of the operating system (OS) of that computer, then it may not be removable. In this case, it should simply be turned off to ensure it will not interfere with the performance of the new software.

Installation can then be performed for the new firewall, and the program will typically include prompts and displays to assist with installation. Once it is properly installed, then the computer can be reconnected to the Internet and the firewall should be tested. There are a number of reputable and reliable firewall testing websites that can be used to ensure a computer is protected. Firewall installation may also require a number of websites be approved by a computer user, as well as certain programs that transmit or receive data over the Internet.


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