What are the Best Tips for Eyebrow Grooming?

Laura A.

Eyebrows are one part of the face that don’t always get the attention they deserve. Eyebrows aren’t major focuses of the face in the same way eyes and lips are, but they do make a difference when it comes to appearance. Good eyebrows work quietly to make a person look well-groomed whereas unkempt eyebrows may make a bad impression. The best tips for eyebrow grooming focus on the correct shape and fullness of the brows. The best brows begin with a good shape and are perfected through regular maintenance and enhancement with makeup.

Professional shaping often helps to establish an arch which can then be followed at home.
Professional shaping often helps to establish an arch which can then be followed at home.

Eyebrow grooming is an important part of a person’s appearance. Good eyebrows frame the face and make a person look polished. Poorly groomed eyebrows can be distracting and give others the impression that the person does not put any effort into his or her appearance. Good eyebrow grooming provides a big payoff for a small investment of time.

Patchy eyebrows can be filled out using eyebrow powder and a filler brush.
Patchy eyebrows can be filled out using eyebrow powder and a filler brush.

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The first consideration when it comes to eyebrow grooming is the shape. Eyebrows should be uniform in size and the gap between them should not be too large. The inside of each brow should begin just past where the bridge of the nose meets the forehead. Many people make the mistake of creating too wide of a space here which can make the eyes look too far apart. Any hairs that grow in above the bridge of the nose should be plucked.

One important aspect of eyebrow grooming is creating a good arch. People should follow the natural shape of their eyebrow as much as possible and tweeze any hairs that grow in below this line. The ideal location for the arch can be determined by keeping the eyes looking forward steadily and holding a pencil vertically next to the outside edge of the iris. The place where the pencil meets the brow is where the arch should be located. Some people find it helpful to have a professional waxing done once to let an expert find their ideal shape and then maintain this line at home by plucking hairs that grow in.

Most people try to avoid the look of bushy eyebrows. Sometimes this can result in overplucking. Overplucked eyebrows can be just as unsightly as bushy ones, so it’s important to find the right balance. People with long brow hairs should trim the hairs slightly before resorting to plucking. This is best achieved by combing the hairs upward using a brow brush to hold them in place and then trimming the ends of the hairs that extend above the brush. Shorter brows are easier to shape and maintain.

Eyebrows can take a few months to completely grow back in so it’s important to be careful not to pluck too much when grooming eyebrows. Sparse eyebrows can be filled in using a powder or brow pencil. A brow powder should be applied with an angled brush. Brow pencil should be applied in short strokes and blended well. The best shade for eyebrow coloring is one shade lighter than the color of the brows. This is also a good way to make lighter brows appear more prominent.

Eyebrow threading may be performed to shape the eyebrows or remove stray hairs.
Eyebrow threading may be performed to shape the eyebrows or remove stray hairs.

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Discussion Comments


@stoneMason-- Plucking eyebrow hair doesn't mean over-plucking. I use tweezers while I groom my brows and my brows look very natural.

I think the key is knowing how much to pluck or remove. For example, I only pluck the hairs between my brows and the extra ones underneath that are apparent. I also trim my brows periodically to keep them in the right shape. I just brush them with a brow brush and trim off the ends with a small cosmetic scissors.


I find plucking very painful and I also don't want to over-groom my eyebrows. Of course, I want them to look neat an orderly but natural as well. I see girls with plucked eyebrows that are very thin. Moreover they line them with pencil. It looks fake.


Well groomed eyebrows do not grab a lot of attention because they look good. When eyebrows are not groomed properly, it's distracting for people who look at that individual.

I had a friend who had a uni-brow and insisted on not plucking the hairs in the center. Whenever someone met her for the first time, you could just see them staring at her because of the uni-brow. That was her choice of course and we have to respect that. But the fact is that unkempt eyebrows grab attention for all the wrong reasons.

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