What Are the Best Tips for Estimating Moving Expenses?

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Moving can be a fairly expensive proposition, and it important to take all the potential moving expenses into account to avoid any unpleasant surprises. The first step to estimating moving expenses is to determine how the moving will take place; hiring a moving company is typically easier but pricier, while renting a truck or trailer takes more effort, but can also save a lot of money. Other important considerations when estimating moving expenses are what it might cost to connect or disconnect any utilities, and what the actual travel expenses will be such as gas for a car or tickets for a train or plane.

Many people hire moving companies to make the entire process easier, and these companies will be happy to provide quotes for their services based on the distance that will be traveled and the amount and type of items they will transport. This can be a good first step to estimating moving expenses, but it is important to keep in mind that a quote and a contract are not the same thing, and extra fees could still be added. Most moving companies will also offer to insure belongings against damage, and there may be multiple options in this regard with different costs. For those not hiring a moving company, and who are either renting a truck or shipping the items themselves, it may be easier to estimate moving expenses once an accurate estimate of the weight and size of items is established.


There are other considerations to keep in mind when estimating moving expenses as well, such as what it will actually cost to travel to the new location. If it is simply putting gas in the car and driving for a few hours, that won't be too expensive. If the trip will take a few days, however, it will be necessary not just to pay travel expenses, but also for food and lodging. Traveling by air or by train can be even pricier. It is also important to keep in mind how pets will travel, to ensure they are safe and healthy.

It is important not to forget utility costs when estimating moving expenses. It will be necessary to disconnect utilities at the previous home, and then connect the utilities at the new home; either of these may carry a fee. Connecting utilities carries a fee fairly often, and depending on an individual's credit, may also require a security deposit. If renting a new apartment, it may also be necessary to put down first and last month's rent, and, or, or a security deposit, which can also increase moving expenses.


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