What are the Best Tips for Environmental Travel?

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Whether traveling domestically or visiting environmentally pristine areas overseas, green travelers should arm themselves with a few tips for environmental travel. Some of the best tips for environmental travel include carrying a reusable water bottle, limiting trash, using public transportation, and learning about specific ecotourism rules and regulations in the area that is being visited. When traveling with children, it is also advisable to train children in proper environmental friendly habits. Green tourists should be aware of the local fauna and flora in the area, and avoid disturbing the environment through collecting insects or picking flowers. If staying at a hotel, tourists should select a green hotel that practices a number of environmentally friendly habits.

When selecting a green hotel for environmental travel, tourists should look for signs that the hotel practices a number of ecotourism habits. Some hotels may claim to be environmentally friendly, but in fact only stress one or two green travel practices. Tourists should look for hotels that implement a number of environmentally friendly practices, such as allowing guests to reuse towels and linens or provide environmental travel activities for guests. Staff at green hotels should be well trained in environmental practices. Travelers should also look for hotels that use renewable energy sources, low flow toilets, and biodegradable packaging for toiletries.


Limiting trash and practicing recycling habits is perhaps one of the best tips for environmental travel. Any items that cannot be recycled in the area that is being visited should be taken home. When packing for environmental travel, tourists should consider the packaging of snack items or other foods and beverages. Pack foods that either have a biodegradable wrapper or fruits that do not have any packaging. It is also advisable to carry a reusable water bottle instead of using plastic containers.

To lessen the amount of gas fumes and wear and tear of vehicles, steps should be taken to travel in an environmentally friendly manner. Tourists should either walk or take public transportation to travel from place to place. If walking, travelers should take the opportunity to pick up trash along the way. Bicycling is another way to reduce the use of fossil fuels while exploring the area.

When traveling with children, green tourists should teach them about environmentally friendly travel. Efforts should be made to study the flora and fauna in the area and learn which species might be endangered or rare. Local insects or flora should not be purchased as souvenirs. If tourists are traveling with babies, reusable cotton diapers are an alternative to plastic disposable diapers that might harm the environment.


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Post 3

There are critics who would like to limit tourism drastically or abolish it. I don't agree with that solution. I thinks there are other and better solutions to improve tourism. For example developing and promoting new forms of tourism, which will bring benefit to tourists and those who live off tourists. Those new forms of tourism must not be guided only by economic and technological considerations. They also must be better for the environment.

If you travel in Europe, it is better for the environment to take the train or the bus instead of the plane. You would be shocked how much fuel a plane uses. And like we all know, air pollution is very bad for the environment.

If you go on a vacation in your own country, you maybe could take your bike. No air pollution and you have your own transport on your vacation, you can go wherever you want and where you want.

Post 2
One of the best ways to travel in a sustainable and responsible way is to become an environmental volunteer. There are opportunities all around the world for men and women, young and old alike, to volunteer on conservation projects. The duration of the project can range from a week to a year and beyond.

There are trips to suit every traveler and it is great because it is travel with a purpose. Rather than lying on a beach and spending a week wallowing in self-indulgence, you are really doing something with your time. You trip makes a difference.

Post 1

I hate to sound like a total Grinch, but I think the only way to really travel green is to not travel at all, or to travel on a very limited scale. No matter how many carbon credits you buy or trails you build or eco hotels you say at, there is really no way to travel half way around the world and think that doesn't have a negative impact on the earth.

One of the most unfortunate aspects of the green movement is the way it advocates consumption as a form of conservation. If we only all bought green products that supported a green lifestyle all of our environmental probems would be solved. But with travel, like with anything else, consumption has consequences that cannot be avoiced not matter how good the intentions.

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