What Are the Best Tips for DIY Garage Storage?

Dan Cavallari

The garage often becomes the storage central for many homes, but this does not necessarily mean the space needs to be a cluttered mess. DIY garage storage isn't a difficult process, either, but it will take some time and planning. Before the project begins, the best DIY garage storage step is to clean out the garage and get rid of things that are no longer needed. Then, organization of what remains will be necessary. The best way to separate the remaining items is to make three piles: very seldom used items, occasionally used items, and frequently used items.

The best DIY garage storage step is to clean out the garage and get rid of things that are no longer needed.
The best DIY garage storage step is to clean out the garage and get rid of things that are no longer needed.

The seldom used items will end up getting stored in the least convenient places in the DIY garage storage plan, since they will not need to be accessed very often. Frequently used items will take up the most conveniently accessed spots, and the occasionally used items will take up the convenient spaces that the frequently used items do not use. Items like tools, bicycles, other sporting equipment, and bulk food can generally be stored in the most convenient places because they are likely to be accessed often. Items like boxes of Christmas decorations, however, can be stowed in the back of a garage loft or other out of the way place.

Pegboard is a versatile material for any DIY garage storage project. These board panels will feature small holes in which storage hooks can be inserted. When the pegboard is hung from a wall, the hooks can be inserted and tools and other items can be hung from the hooks. Frequently accessed tools can be placed on the pegboard without taking up too much space in the garage or cluttering a workbench. Larger tools can be stored on shelves beneath a workbench, or on shelving units that can be secured to walls for stability.

The spaces above parked cars or high on walls are the must underutilized spaces in the garage. A great way to take advantage of such spaces in the DIY garage storage plan is to install a pulley system. Such systems are easy to install and can haul bicycles, boats, car top carriers, or other bulky items off the ground. Once suspended, the pulley rope can be tied off to a solid object such as a stud or a bracket mounted to a wall so the items will stay suspended and out of the way. More than one pulley system can be installed to handle various pieces of bulky equipment, but be sure to take note of the weight capacity of the pulley system before hauling anything too heavy.

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I was able to reduce the clutter in my garage by installing a series of hooks from the support beams. They were basic metal hooks that I got from Lowes.

Now we hang all of the bikes from the hooks and I keep my golf bag on one as well. It frees up some floor space and we are not always tripping over the bikes any more.


Milk crates are always great for DIY storage. Whether it is in the garage or your closet they are an easy, cheap and customizable storage system.

Most of the milk crates that I use I have been able to scavenge from various places. Keep your eyes out and you can find them sitting in alleys all over.


Check you recycling bin. That would be my tip. People go out and buy expensive plastic storage systems for their garage when they could easily use the plastic containers that they throw away every day.

I got the idea from my dad. He always kept screws in old jars of peanut butter and washers in empty margarine tubs. He used everything until it could not be used any more and was the most resourceful man I have ever know. He was DIY before it was even a thing to be DIY.

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