What are the Best Tips for Dispute Settlement?

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There are many excellent tips for anyone seeking a dispute settlement with another person or a business. The first and most obvious one would be to contact a legal professional to learn about consumer rights and any types of limitations pertaining to that type of action. Consumers should also document everything they can in writing in case the dispute settlement fails and ends up in arbitration or a courtroom. It is also important to keep track of things like dates and response times because many rights are lost if prompt action is not taken.

When contacting a lawyer in a dispute settlement case, an initial consultation is normally offered free of charge. Many cases will not require legal counsel, so this first meeting should be used to learn as much about the laws pertaining to the dispute settlement as possible. For example, there are many public offices that handle certain types of dispute settlements on behalf of the claimant. These services often work to the consumer's advantage because action is taken immediately, but in other situations it may be a hindrance to the case. A qualified lawyer can advise how to handle these situations.


One of the first things an attorney will advise their client in a dispute settlement is to gather as much evidence as possible. Once both sides meet to discuss what is fair for both parties, the opposing attorney will be using the opportunity to see how much of the claimant's testimony can be independently verified. If the case is not backed by things like written documents or witnesses, it is entirely possible that a settlement offer will be removed from negotiations. It is imperative for the claimant to document everything related to the case, including witnesses, contacts, and anything else related to the dispute settlement.

Many legal firms will use a dispute settlement offer to stall the case as well. For example, a claimant may receive a dispute settlement offer for $1,000 US dollars (USD) when everyone involved knows that the case is worth a much greater amount. This tactic is used solely to anger the claimant, but under law a response must be given. If the claimant fails to decline the offer in a timely fashion, a default judgment to dismiss the matter could later be made within a courtroom. Time is always a crucial factor within any type of dispute settlement.


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