What Are the Best Tips for Dishwasher Maintenance?

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Proper dishwasher maintenance can increase the life of the unit as well as allowing it to work at the maximum efficiency that it was designed for. Keeping the water lines and drains clean is one of the easiest tasks that can be done, but it is also the main cause of breakdowns and poor performance because it is often times ignored or forgotten. Checking the inner seals is also important, and replacing them as soon as they begin to wear down. The final tip when accomplishing dishwasher maintenance tasks is to simply keep the unit clean, inside and out.

Keeping the water lines and drainage areas clean and free from clogs is an important aspect to dishwasher maintenance. If the water cannot flow through the jets freely, or is unable to drain, the dishwasher simply will not work properly. One of the easiest ways to keep these areas clean and obstruction free is to run white vinegar through a cycle every month or two. If any signs of rust appear, also use a rust remover that has been designed for dishwasher use. The final aspect of the water lines that needs to be considered is the filter that is located in the bottom of the unit. Replace this according to the schedule in the manual or whenever a drainage problem begins to present itself.


The inner seal in the appliance ensures that the water and air, is keep within the main washing area of the unit, and is a basic dishwasher maintenance item. They not only prevent water from leaking out, but they keep the dishes secured inside of a pressurized compartment, allowing them to be properly cleaned and dried. Once a month, simply run a finger along the seal and visually check for cracks or rips. If any are present replace it as soon as possible.

The last dishwasher maintenance tip is to simply keep the appliance clean. If any food particles are seen in the bottom, or along the outer walls, scrub them off. This not only prevents them from causing blockage problems, but it keeps the dishes cleaner by washing them with clean water, rather than water that is soiled by old food particles. If the racks begin to break down and appear stained, replace them before mold forms. Always remember that a dishwasher only works effectively with hot water, so make sure that the hot water heater is set to the temperature range that is suggested by the manufacturer.


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