What are the Best Tips for Detangling Hair?

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The best tips for detangling hair generally include brushing with a wide-toothed comb, using hair detangling products, and attempting to get tangles out while hair is wet. Hair detangling is a process that should typically be done very carefully. Vigorous brushing and pulling on the hair in an attempt to remove tangles can cause extensive damage to hair, including hair loss and an increase in the number of split ends a person has. Detangling hair is usually possible, but there are some circumstances in which a tangle might have to be cut out of the hair. Cutting out tangles should generally be considered a last resort, however, and only used when other detangling methods are ineffective.

A person who is trying to get her tangles out with a brush should first opt for a wide-toothed comb. These combs can get tangles out of the hair with minimal damage and discomfort. Brushes with lots of tiny bristles are often ineffective for removing tangles and might even cause the tangled hair to break off at the ends. Round brushes are also not generally recommended for detangling hair because hair tends to wrap around these brushes in such a way that it gets stuck, and the brush might actually have to be cut out of the hair. If a person does not have a wide-toothed comb, she may be able to use her fingers to detangle her hair and get similar results.


In addition to using a wide-toothed comb for detangling hair, it might be a good idea for a person to use a hair detangling product. These products are typically either sprayed or rubbed onto the strands of hair and should provide enough moisture to make tangles easier to remove. When hair detangling products are used, they might also help prevent some of the damage to hair that often results from failed tangle removal attempts. Hair detangling products are typically inexpensive and are often readily available at most stores that carry hair care products.

Tangles are usually much easier to get out when hair is wet rather than when it is dry. Combs tend to glide through wet hair more easily than dry hair, and wet hair doesn't usually break off as easily as dry hair. It may also be beneficial for a person to use conditioner on the ends of her hair after using shampoo. Regular conditioner use can often prevent tangles from occurring, which should prevent the need for frequent hair detangling.


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