What Are the Best Tips for Dental Marketing?

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A dentist can apply many dental marketing tips to increase the length of his patient list. Some of the best tips include those that focus on the emphasis of a dentist's commitment to gentle dentistry and the advertisement of special options the dentist provides. Advertising the conveniences the dental office offers as well as the payment options it provides may prove helpful as well. Additionally, tips that recommend using multiple methods of reaching potential patients may prove effective.

One of the best tips for dental marketing is to emphasize the dentist is gentle. Many people put off dental work because of a fear of dental procedures. If a dentist uses his marketing efforts to demonstrate that he understands these fears and takes steps to keep his clients comfortable, he may find it easier to add new clients to his list. In fact, stating that he caters to those who are typically afraid of the dentist may prove helpful as well.

Another good dental marketing tip is to advertise the special procedures or options the dentist provides. This way, potential clients won't have to guess about the services he offers. Likewise, they won't think they have to look for a specialist to provide dental care if the advertising dentist handles the dental procedures they need. For example, if a dentist focuses on general dentistry but also handles root canals, providing this information in his advertisements may prove helpful.


A dentist may also find his dental marketing efforts more effective if he emphasizes any conveniences he offer to his patients. For instance, if he offers evening and weekend hours, advertising this fact may attract patients who cannot easily take time off work to get dental care. Likewise, if he puts extra effort into making sure his patients do not experience long wait times in his office, making this clear may prove beneficial as well. Many people dread spending extended periods in dental office waiting rooms.

For many dental patients, paying for dental care can be a cause of anxiety. Often, patients choose a dentist only to find that he does not accept their type of insurance. A dentist may do well to list the types of insurance he accepts in his marketing materials or at least state that he accepts most forms of insurance. If he offers discounted rates or payment plans for cash payers, he may include this information in his marketing as well. Additionally, information about financing, such as through dental care loans, may help him increase his patient list.

Also among the best tips for dental marketing are those that recommend using multiple advertising avenues to reach out to potential patients. For example, a dentist could advertise online, on the radio, in newspapers, and in phone directories. He may also do well to seek listings in dental care directories. A dentist can also ask current patients to refer new patients to him or even offer an incentive program to help encourage word-of-mouth referrals. Additionally, he may also make an effort to reach out to potential patients directly, such as by sending direct mail advertisements to people who move into his serving area.


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