What are the Best Tips for Decorating a Front Porch?

B. Miller

The best tips for decorating a front porch are first, choose items that can withstand the elements. If the front porch has a roof or is enclosed with screens or windows, this is slightly easier, but it is still important to choose items that will not break or become damaged from spending time outside. When decorating a front porch it is also important to consider how the porch will be used, because this will indicate the types of furniture that can be purchased for the front porch.

Front porches should be decorated with items that can withstand the elements.
Front porches should be decorated with items that can withstand the elements.

The size of the area has a big impact when decorating a front porch. A smaller front porch may only have room for two patio chairs, for example, whereas a larger porch may have room for a picnic table as well as chairs. The furniture that is chosen for a front porch is one of the most important considerations.

Wicker pieces add a great aesthetic appeal.
Wicker pieces add a great aesthetic appeal.

Plastic furniture is inexpensive and very weather-resistant, but it does not have the same aesthetic appeal as metal, wicker, or wood furniture, which are all more expensive. Older patio furniture may be easily updated by purchasing new furniture cushions for the chairs, and a new tablecloth or umbrella for a patio table. A porch swing is another excellent option for seating when decorating a front porch; these are available in freestanding designs, or they may be mounted to the roof.

Of course, decorating a front porch will involve more than furniture choices. Hanging plants are a great way to add extra visual interest to a front porch, but it is important to be sure that the plants can survive any changes in weather, as well as the amount of sunlight that reaches the front porch every day. Hanging baskets such as those made up of petunias or impatiens are popular choices, as they can be easily taken down and brought inside when necessary.

Other decor may include decorative plant stands, wall hangings, flags, or decorative lights, among other types of garden decor. When decorating a front porch, it is generally a good idea to choose items that at least correspond to the decor of the rest of the house. For example, in a country style home, one would probably choose country style decor for the front porch as well. This can help to make the design of the home feel more cohesive. It is easy to find outdoor decorations in a number of stores or online, and yard sales and flea markets are also great options for outdoor decorations.

A new tablecloth can help update a porch patio table.
A new tablecloth can help update a porch patio table.

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