What Are the Best Tips for Decorating a Boy's Room?

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Those decorating a boy's room should keep the child's age in mind and also consider how much they are willing to invest in redecorating as the child matures. Boys tend to appreciate space, so it is a good idea to avoid clutter. One thing that should not be sacrificed for the sake of space is a desk or work table. It is also good to remember that older boys will likely want to be involved in the decorating of their rooms and that involvement generally includes a request for space to hang things on their walls.

When decorating a boy's room, his age can be as important as his sex. For small boys, bright colors and cartoon designs are likely to be ideal. As children move out of elementary school, they generally start to desire a specific scheme. Pre-teens and teens will likely want to have more involvement in the choices that are made. Another difference between older and younger boys that should be considered is that older children commonly like to be able to hang things on their walls that express their personalities and interests.


As plans are being made for decorating a boy's room, it is important to keep space in mind. When children are toddlers, they tend to require similar amounts of space. As boys get older, however, they often need more space than girls because they tend to prefer toys that are bigger and less stationary than those used by girls. It is best, therefore, to avoid decorating in a way that involves cluttering a boy's room too much. Allow plenty of floor space.

One way to increase floor space is by using creative storage options. Colorful crates and wooden boxes are a good idea. These can be stacked or attached to the wall in a variety of designs, giving the room a cool look while providing usable space. Another good idea that kids tend to like is an elevated bed with workspace and storage solutions below.

It is also a good idea to incorporate work space into the plan when decorating a boy's room. A desk or some type of work table may become one of the child's favorite areas. This will be useful for homework and for hobbies such as crafts and drawing.

Considering that decorating a boy's room is a task that will likely need to be done several times, it may be best to think long term with regard to certain choices. Paint and carpeting are two examples. Even if the plan is to make the room playful while the child is a toddler or in elementary school, a thoughtful choice of paint and carpet will allow these items to be used even as the room is redecorated to reflect the child's maturity. Adding stick-and-peel designs to the walls is a good way to achieve playfulness without jeopardizing the paint job.


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