What Are the Best Tips for Decorating a Bedroom Balcony?

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The best concept for a bedroom balcony involves maximizing space. A balcony that is set off the bedroom should accommodate seating for at least two. Adding too many accessories to a small balcony, however, can make the area look cluttered. To create a relaxing extension of the master bedroom, it's nice to include a small accessory or two for personal enjoyment, such as a compact stereo or magazine rack. Unless the bedroom balcony is large, one or two small tables should suffice.

A bedroom balcony will probably be used more often than a traditional living room terrace. It's important to think of comfort when choosing seating or lounge chairs. Soft cushioned chairs will be more inviting and relaxing than a simple folding chair with no padding. If the balcony is large enough, a chaise lounge is even better. For a luxurious addition, a portable television can complete the design.

While comfort is essential, it's important not to overlook practicality when choosing balcony furnishings. Outdoor furniture for the bedroom balcony needs to withstand the elements. If situated in a cold and snowy climate, or an area that is prone to a lot of rain, waterproof materials are the best choice.


Adding an outdoor atmosphere to a bedroom balcony can be accomplished by decorating with potted plants or a flower bed. When cultivating a flower bed on the balcony, it's important to grow flowers that will thrive in the weather conditions of the area. Miniature roses are an elegant choice for warm climates, and these are hardier than the standard variety. Hanging plants can also maximize balcony space, creating extra room to add more accessories.

Creative concepts for bedroom balcony design can be practical as well. A balcony screen can keep annoying insects out, as well as provide shade from the sun and shelter from the rain. Durable screen materials are essential, especially if pets are allowed on the balcony. It's also a good idea to choose a mesh material that does not obstruct view.

Many people make the decision to use bedroom balcony space for a storage area. Not only can this be unsightly, it can also be a fire safety issue. It's also imperative to use caution when using extension cords and electrical devices.

One thing to consider before decorating a bedroom balcony is whether the property is privately owned or rented. If the property is owned by the individual, he will have free rein to decorate as he desires. In a rented home or apartment, the tenant may not be permitted to make major alterations in balcony areas or be required to adhere to certain rules.


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